Any thoughts of adding a Podcast section?

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Making a statement that ‘many people’ don’t want podcasts because they fear change is an example of what I have highlighted above.

BTW - Fear of change refers to changing from one circumstance to another, not to a supplemental addition.

Thank you for english lesson, as you might already notice that english is not my native language (only third). Maybe we should stop this sematic discussion now?


Podcasts would be very welcome. Your observations are well made. If people don’t want to listen to Podcasts then don’t.

Why do you hate Podcast so much?? LOL.

This seems like a wholly sensible approach that doesn’t require Roon to immediately get bogged down with building tools to handle the downloading and management of podcasts.

In fact it might make sense to step back and generalise podcasts out to encompass other forms of grouped content like archived radio shows or even a selection of recordings or mixes that could be nicely grouped together. Maybe Series or Sets (as in a set or grouping of content).

This would probably be the minimum feature set needed to get it working:

  • Create a new top level in Roon (called something like Series, Sets or Podcasts)
  • Create a new object type similar to Album (called something like Show, Podcast or Set as an underlying type, but that could be labelled by a user as XYZ Podcast, ZYZ Radio Show, Mellow Mixes, Party Mixes, Bob’s Collection of Live Recordings) that would sit in the above section and act as a container for individual audio tracks.
  • Define a tagging schema/rule that allowed individual audio tracks (Episode 3, XYZ Radio Show - 07 May 2021, Mellow Mix 1, Party Mix 1, Bob’s First Live Recording) to be attached to the above container.

Ideally the Series, Set or Podcast folder would allow a title, image and a description to be manually assigned.

In addition each individual item of content ie. a Show, Episode or Mix would ideally display it’s own thumbnail (rather than the parent/album thumbnail) when listed under the parent and also when played (see image below).

For podcasts and archived radio shows it would be really useful to be able to order them by date.

This would open up a lot of flexibility and allow users to mange a wide range of audio content that doesn’t fall under Roon current (very analog CD/LP centric) structure. Management, downloading and tagging of content could be managed separately with existing tools.


Would like the ability to play local files of my device like “Podcasts”

Please add a podcast section to Roon.

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Another vote for podcasts. Something like how Sonos integrated Pocketcasts.

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I’m listening to ‎Le Bach du dimanche sur Apple Podcasts and I miss Roon…

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+1 to PODCASTS!!!

yes please. both existing files in library and browsing/listening/subscribing via roon.

i think this would be fantastic, and almost essential at this point. it is sorely missing from the roon experience at the moment. thanks!!!

is there any way to get a response from roon about whether or not a podcast section/management feature is on the roadmap? sort of feels like shouting into the wind here. mean to say, it would be very helpful to know if there is something coming on this front, because IF NOT, i’d imagine that many of us will start/continue to more tightly integrate another solution for podcast consumption. thx!

You can have a response from us, but not about the roadmap.

We do not give progress updates, release dates, or timeframes of any sort. We rarely talk about the roadmap. We did that years ago, and we’ve learned our lesson. No good deed goes unpunished.

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hi danny, thanks for responding, appreciate it.

also, totally sympathetic to your non-roadmap-discussing policy, i get it.

well… do you feel comfortable sharing your personal thoughts on podcast management, without committing in any way…? just to sort of move the ball down field even a tiny bit?

many thanks for your response.

Podcasts are becoming a popular form of entertainment, in some cases, replacing television and talk radio.

A proper podcast product will require some serious consideration, as podcasts can be episodic (you will want to listen in order) or not (no continuity). We’ve given it thought, and it’s by no means a small project to do well.

There may be quick wins to be had, but a full product really requires deeper considerations.


totally agree.

ok. well, i’m glad you guys are thinking about it.


I like quick wins. Internet Radio was one such feature for many years (in Beta). ‘Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’ as someone once said.

+1 for Podcasts

Quick thought jut to be clear does this request entail

  • Allowing access to online sources eg my local talk radio station “publishes” pod casts of their major articles

  • Allowing a “library” of saved podcasts like a mini “album”

It could significantly affect how complex the development may be

Sorry, but Roon is a music player. Don’t dilute it with various do-dats, make it as good as it has potential to be, but not yet live up to.
We don’t need another Franken-river…


It is already ‘diluted’ with Internet Radio. Nobody will be forcing you to use it or any other feature for that matter.

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