Any thoughts of adding a Podcast section?

Maybe an integration with the Podcast Addict android app? I find I’m listening to podcasts more and more and would be cool feature to be brought into roon, much like TuneIn radio would be great too.


Surprised this never got any responses.
Podcast support would be excellent


Hi Roon - any feedback on adding podcast support?

There are a lot of great music podcasts. One of the staples of the musical diet for me and my family.

Podcasts that I regularly listen to are KCRW music programs and WMVY Shakedown Stream podcast.

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Agree. A podcast app is a critical complement for Roon, just as internet radio was important to add.

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I concur. Getting back into my podcasts and would really like to be able to not only be able to easily select them in roon, but possibly have Roon auto-download them or sync up with some sort of podcast application (be it Podcast on the iPhone or other).

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I don’t really need Podcast functionality in Roon (I use Grover Pro to handle podcasts), however, once I have downloaded podcasts, they get added to my library, and there it would be useful for Roon to have some understanding of podcast metadata.

I also would appreciate support for podcasts being added to Roon.

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The reason I’d like a podcast function is that I do NOT want podcasts downloaded and added to my library. The functionality I’d like is what I currently have with LMS and its podcast application. That is, I add a podcast RSS feed to my podcast app on LMS. Then the most recent n shows (I select) show up to be streamed when I click on a podcast name. Once streamed it is removed from the list. The podcast app on iphones works somewhat like this (although will download if one wants). This all happens in the background without me having to save a podcast, add to library, then later delete.


+1 for Podcasts

+1 for Podcast support

I never thought I will miss Podcasts in Roon. But now I like the radio feature in Roon so podcasts are a must, now. :wink: In most cases I use podcasts for on-demand radio as in Germany many radio stations publish their broadcasts also as podcasts.


Me too. Often the content justifies repeat listening.

+1 for podcast support

+1 for Podcast support

+1 Podcast support PLEASE

+1 Podcast support PRETY PLEASE

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+1 for Podcast.

Hmm, audiophile quality podcasts with a RAAT implementation. What a concept!

Dilutes the design objective of Roon.

-1 for podcasts.

Podcasts can be a great way to discover new music [1], and there’s really not a good way right now to integrate them into Roon. One can imagine two basic approaches, maximalist and minimalist. Either would meet my needs but I’d be curious about others’ views.

The maximalist approach would be to include a full-blown podcast client in Roon. That would include subscriptions, automatic downloading, etc. Whatever the merits of this, it seems far removed from Roon’s principal purpose.

Better fitting with Roon may be a minimalist approach that simply recognizes podcasts as a top-level type of content (like Albums and Internet Radio streams), establishes a top-level section for podcasts, organizes them in some sensible fashion based on folders/tags (e.g., by podcast and then by date) with an album-like interface, and removes them entirely from the track, album, and artist views. In other words, the user would still be responsible for getting podcast files onto Roon-accessible storage (whether via iTunes, a command-line downloader, etc.), and Roon would simply catalogue them appropriately. For me, at least, this would be a great feature and perfectly sufficient. As it is not, podcasts are mixed in with everything else, which is rather less than ideal, and it takes a fair bit of effort to organize them.


[1] For example, check out Reverberation Radio.