Any way to filter Qobuz "all main albums" results? (Search for Prokofiev + London Symphony Orchestra)

I want to find all the records that London Symphony Orchestra has done of Prokofiev’s work, so I search for “prokofiev london symphony orchestra.” One of the artist results it shows is LSO, so I click that and there are 500 main albums. I don’t see any way to filter those results, to zoom in on the Prokofiev recordings.

The other approach is to look at the album results. It seems fairly incomplete though – it doesn’t include Prokofiev: The Symphonies for example. Several of the results aren’t actually by LSO though.

The only thing I’ve figured out so far is to add all of LSO’s albums to my Roon database, and then use its filtering to find the albums I want. Which obviously means that I now have hundreds of albums in my Qobuz favorites that I’m not intending to listen to. Now it’s hard to navigate Qobuz on the go… and unfortunately they don’t have folders or anything like that).

Is there a way to filter the Qobuz results better? Or is it a common workflow to import a ton of albums to Roon to explore them, and then delete them to clean up the Qobuz library?

It’s a shortcoming of Roon that you can’t use any of the advanced search functions unless it’s in your local library. It is something sorely missing and as you found very hard to narrow down searches that have a huge amount of content.

I’ve had that problem and find it’s easier to search in Qobuz and add from there.

I tried your Prokofiev search and Roon threw in works by Elgar, Chopin and Dvorak. If that wasn’t enough, as the final kick where it hurts it offered me the Bing Crosby Christmas album with the LSO. :unamused:

Being able to use Roon’s advanced search on Qobuz would be amazing. Seems pretty hard to pull off.

I was hoping that I’m just somehow overlooking a way to do the simple filtering (middle icon):


Thats the way Roon works unfortunatly. Getting this type of nonsense in searches all the time…