Any way to list all Tidal Albums so I can add them with Qobuz?

Is there any way in Roon to list all the Tidal Albums I have added to my library so I can add them with Qobuz and then remove the Tidal versions?

Main Menu --> Albums --> Focus --> Format --> TIDAL ?


Thanks, that works, although a bit tedious since you still have to click in to each one to add it, then go back to the list and do that again for the next album.

Try this

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Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t really feel comfortable providing my login for the different services to that third party so I’ll manage my albums manually.

Use focus to search for all tidal.albums export out XL you have a list of them.

On the plus side, I guess I don’t really need to delete the Tidal versions. I think they will just go away when remove the Tidal login in Roon.

I just signed up for Qobuz yesterday (or the day before?) and they sent me link to Soundiiz that enabled a Qobuz Plan, which allowed transferring data from other services to Qobuz.

Out of ~7600 albums it got most right. I’m left with ~2200 albums “left” on Tidal. Many if not most of them are MQA and Roon picks it over FLAC.

I’ve gone through ~400 by now and a dozen or two were cases were Soundiiz had not added the album from Qobuz even though Roon was showing it as available.

Overall not too bad, and I also ended up subscribing to the Premium plan on Soundiiz, so I could copy my albums over to Apple Music as well. (So good marketing on Soundiiz’s side. :slight_smile:).

I ended up using an app called Songshift and it’s free. I recommend it.

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Change your passwords to something temporary then change them back after you do the transfers.