Any way to see why the Core's using a ton of CPU? (MacOS)

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini i7, 16GB RAM

Number of Tracks in Library

2097 albums, 14141 tracks

Description of Issue

My Mac Mini’s been having high CPU usage recently, once a day (that I notice). It’s not backups, those are happening at night like they’re supposed to. It’s not new tracks being added to the library. It’s annoying because it turns the fan on and my core’s near my stereo. It is using more CPU than playing music, but I cannot figure out why it’s happening. Is there a way to get a status of what the Roon’s up to? Any logging I can look at?

I forgot to add, I’ve tried rebooting the core, shutting Roon down and restarting it. I’m using the headless RoonServer app, version 2.0 (1272). RoonAppliance is the CPU hog process.

You can look in the logs and see if you notice Roon running anything. See:

Thanks. I’ll take a look at them next time this happens. Of course, now that I mention the problem on the Roon support board, the issue hasn’t cropped up.

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