Anybody using B&W P7(W) or B&W PX headphones and recommending them?

anybody using B&W P7 wireless headphones?
im looking for wireless bluetooth headphones and im wondering are the above headphones good for listening to rock music and synth music and some hirez music how would they compare to the wired sennheiser hd 650 which i was originally looking at but dont know if i could live with the cable hence looking at bluetooth headphones.
on a side note which bluetooth transmitter would people recomend to connect to my pioneer lx87 av amp to transmit to the bluetooth headphones.

I don’t use the wireless P7, but I’ve had the wired P7 for almost a month and sent it back. Ordered it after reading very positive reviews everywhere, but found it a huge disappointment. Very bass-heavy and boxed sound to my ears. Muffled, missing mids, making it all sound very veiled to my ears.

Today my PX should arrive, hope it is a better choice. Reviews (again) are very positive, addressing exactly my points: less bass, more mids, better balanced, more open, neutral and dynamic. Hopefully this time, my experiences will be similar. But of course, these are just my experiences, many people are very fond of the P7 sound. If I’m correct, the majority prefers the P7W over the P7 (but then in wired mode).

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By the way, I’d love to read experiences with the PX from fellow Roonies!

Did you already buy a headphone, @gary? My PX has just arrived, and even straight out of the box (without burning in ears or gear) I think it’s sooo much better! Solved all my issues and works perfectly. Much more balanced and natural, with gorgeous mids, wider soundstage and better separation of instruments and vocals. Not at all muffled or veiled.

iPad (Roon endpoint) downstairs, and even in the attic it plays perfectly. Shortly listened to it wired to test, with and without my Chord Mojo DAC, but now playing wireless. I’ll update my experiences over the next few days, but for now this is my definite recommendation above the P7!

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no ive not bought any headphones im trying to do a bit of research ive never used hi end or wireless headphones im a bit out of my depth here.
ive been looking at the p7 and the sony 1000 which seem to get rav reviews,are these the headphones you got

thank you for your recomendations.

Yep, those are the ones! Only then in the more neutral Space Grey. Interesting comparisons between the P7W and the PX (and some more):

Very different experiences, but I found this actually helped deciding what would fit me best.

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Hope you don’t mind slightly adjusting your topic title to include PX and non-wireless P7 experiences as well to compare? :wink:

no problem,im just watching some youtube reviews on the px which seem to better the p7 and the sony.
i would be using the headphones in my listening room and not outdoors.
could you recomend a bluetooth transmitter to conect to my pioneer lx 87 reciever to transmit to the px[looks im sold on these ha ha]

Oh dear, I’m afraid I know nothing about these transmitters, sorry. I have Mac minis as Core and Bridge (both also Endpoints), and an iPad as Remote and Endpoint. So no need for me to use transmitters. Anyone else here able to advise Gary?

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Bought the PXs on saturday. Got sick of no isolation with my Air Pods.

Had the P7W for demo a few months back, I’m definately liking the overall balance of the PXs more.

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After a few days, I’m liking my PXs more and more! Such an enormous improvement over the P7, to my ears at least.

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The PX’s sounded good until I turned on noise canceling then everything fell apart sound wise plus the ANC isn’t that good. Also they are uncomfortable and kind of clunky to handle compared to the others that fold. Returned as I didn’t;t want to travel with them. I think the best ANC headphones for most people are the Sony’s.

loving the p7 but would like try them wired any recomendations on good extension cable or full cable as the provid cable is to short as i need roughly 3 or 4 meter cable any links would be great.
dont want to spend a fortune.