Anyone else can't log into Tidal (so Roon isn't working either)?

despite rebooting, refreshing/reloading and
logging out then logging back in (i can see subscription settings etc)
the music web browser is not working.
instead keep getting this (and yes i’ve logged a ticket with Tidal, but their cust
service sucks: can take days for anyone to get back to you).

also getting this below which makes no sense…as i am surfing as we speak


Ditto here.

Lots of login errors the last week, and haven’t been able to log in the past hour. Super pissed right now!

I think it is at least partially down right now.

It’s Tidal. They apparently are down right now. Can’t log in to Tidal through browser outside of Roon either.

this is the latest screenshot i have upon trying to log in:
(just rebooted computer)
now it looks like some server error…

same probs here in los angeles…

There’s currently an outage:

i’m up and running on all my platforms…

yes, I’m now up too, over here in Vancouver BC…thanks for the heads up, seaharp1

Back to normale here, too (Singapore).

Hey everyone,

TIDAL had a service outage last night that has since been resolved. Let me know if everything is working for you now.


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This is one reason I think it’s crazy to rely solely on streaming. It could be Tidal, it could be the Internet, etc. When Tidal went down on Saturday, I was unable to play a significant portion of “my collection” but there were still 4000 CDs to choose from, stored locally. Then if somehow Roon or my server went down, I could have played CDs or LPs. A night without music would feel empty.

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