Anyone else get have this OpenGL issue?

Got the annoying pop-up to install new version (currently on ver 2.0 build 1324).

Not sure why I never seem to learn when these updates come out but I took a leap of faith and attempted the install. Yep…it failed.

I feel fortunate that it didn’t brick my Core and ended up still staying at the old version mentioned above.

Guess I’ll be looking at that horrible pop-up now for a few months until whatever is wrong gets fixed. I wont be installing this round of updates again.

Also to mention, with every update, after its done I need to login to my headless Core and close the error box about some OpenGL crap that occurs every time.

Anyone else get have this OpenGL issue? Its a simple “fix” but no idea why it always happens. Core is Windows 10 Pro with all latest updates/firmware…etc

Are you using Early Access? Probably not, because 1324 was a production release and not released in Early Access. If using regular production release versions, it is best if you open a new topic in Support and fill in the template that you will see.

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I’m probably talking about 1353 (Not sure but it was a new version and failed to install so cant say for sure if it was 1353)

Guess wrong forum…my mistake

1353 is also the production release (early access would be 1354 right now) :slight_smile: You will get better help by Roon support in Support

Hi Chris,
I’ve moved this over to Support

To receive appropriate help, it would be really helpful if you could complete the template provided below.

You can copy and paste it in your reply.

Please be sure to include details of your core, network, storage location of your media files, and any messages displayed by Roon.

Including these details in your first post helps resolve your issues faster.

Thank you.

Roon Server Machine

Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM).

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Your networking gear (model of routers/switches/etc), connection types (Wifi/Ethernet), and any firewalls, antivirus, or VPN software.

Connected Audio Devices

Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.

Number of Tracks in Library

Tell us how large your music library is, eg. “30,000 tracks”.

Description of Issue

Tell us about the problem you’re having in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are always appreciated!

I had the exact same issue, using Roon on my laptop. Was working perfectly fine on my Core machine though.

Thankfully a simple restart of the laptop fixed the problem, maybe try that if you haven’t.

I understand that @Chris_F123 has this on a headless (no graphics screen) server:

@Chris_F123, it is my understanding that OpenGL is only needed by the Roon GUI and the server shouldn’t even try (it has no graphics output anyway, so…). Is the Roon GUI trying to start on the headless machine?

Roon Server Machine

Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 CPU, 32GB of RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired Ethernet, Ubiquiti switch, 1GB speed on Internal LAN, 150mb Comcast Cable Internet

Connected Audio Devices

Merging HAPI DAC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Clicking the upgrade button within the Roon App to update the Core machine listed above results in an almost immediate failure message attached.

Machine has been rebooted. I attempted the upgrade twice and it failed both times.

The OpenGL issue is not new…for me at least. It occurs after every upgrade of the Roon Core and I suspect its not related to the latest Roon upgrade I am attempting to perform


Also, the Roon Core system I listed above has the full GUI version of Roon Installed (Maybe considered the Desktop version??).

The server has a graphics card installed but I dont recall the make/model offhand. Its not a cheapo one though for what its worth.

I just dont typically use the monitor except when I have to login locally to various library related tasks.

Music library is located on a ix systems FreeNAS Mini FWIW

Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of the latest Roon build from Roon’s download site and installing over your PC’s version? Just ensure you have a fresh backup created from within Roon if you choose this suggestion.

I have not attempted to manually install the update at this point but I did find the following Error in the RoonLog today while I reattempted the update again… which failed as last time.

You can notice at the bottom of the below message chain a failure mentioning::

While installing update: System.Exception: update installer exited with 2

11/26 14:39:58 Debug: [appupdater] Update is available: 2.0 (build 1353) production, Compatible
11/26 14:39:58 Trace: [rnet/RnetJsonClient] GOT NONFINAL {"status":"Changed","updates":{"is_supported":true,"status":"UpToDate","progress":null,"current_version":{"machine_value":100801125,"branch":"stable","display_value":"1.8 (build 1125) stable"},"available_version":null,"update_mode":"AskAlways"}}
11/26 14:40:02 Info: [stats] 2123171mb Virtual, 2102mb Physical, 802mb Managed, 11998 Handles, 81 Threads
11/26 14:40:08 Debug: [easyhttp] [127] POST to returned after 124 ms, status code: 200, request body size: 3 KB
11/26 14:40:08 Trace: [devicemap] device map updated
11/26 14:40:17 Info: [stats] 2123165mb Virtual, 2102mb Physical, 804mb Managed, 11991 Handles, 77 Threads
11/26 14:40:32 Info: [stats] 2123162mb Virtual, 2104mb Physical, 806mb Managed, 11997 Handles, 75 Threads
11/26 14:40:37 Debug: [easyhttp] [128] POST to returned after 197 ms, status code: 200, request body size: 3 KB
11/26 14:40:37 Trace: [devicemap] device map updated
11/26 14:40:47 Info: [stats] 2123166mb Virtual, 2104mb Physical, 808mb Managed, 12007 Handles, 78 Threads
11/26 14:41:02 Info: [stats] 2123168mb Virtual, 2105mb Physical, 817mb Managed, 12020 Handles, 79 Threads
11/26 14:41:17 Info: [stats] 2123166mb Virtual, 2105mb Physical, 683mb Managed, 11715 Handles, 78 Threads
11/26 14:41:32 Info: [stats] 2123160mb Virtual, 2105mb Physical, 685mb Managed, 11719 Handles, 74 Threads
11/26 14:41:47 Info: [stats] 2123163mb Virtual, 2105mb Physical, 687mb Managed, 11729 Handles, 76 Threads
11/26 14:42:02 Info: [stats] 2123165mb Virtual, 2105mb Physical, 689mb Managed, 11742 Handles, 77 Threads
11/26 14:42:12 Trace: [base/updater] Checking if another process is already downloading or installing an update
11/26 14:42:12 Trace: [base/updater] there does not appear to be another download or install in process
11/26 14:42:22 Debug: [appupdater] Update download progress: 100
11/26 14:42:22 Debug: [appupdater] Update downloaded: 2.0 (build 1353) production C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\5147b94a-3511-4601-8db1-cf1ab3df0cd4__RoonInstaller64_200001353.exe
11/26 14:42:22 Info: [base/updater] Installing update

11/26 14:42:31 Error: [appupdater] While installing update: System.Exception: update installer exited with 2

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