Anyone else have trouble logging into Tidal

I’m a lifetime Roon member and have been also using Tidal for over two years, but since yesterday I have been unable to log in to Tidal via my iPad, which I use to manage my music with Roon… getting a message that my user name or password is bad…yet on my IPhone it shows I am logged in??

So, upon further investigation, I was logged into Tidal already - but for some reason the link from Roon and Tidal seems to have been lost.
I logged out of Tidal on all devices, then logged back in - still not linked thru Roon.

Ok, solely for the benefit of others, I located the issue. I use Antipodes and an IMac for distribution of music through out the house and yard. I had to log out of everything running Tidal- unplugged the Antipodes unit, plugged back in and relogged into Tidal via the IMac, and everything is now as it should be.

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