Anyone familiar with JL Audio CR-1 Active Subwoofer Crossover?

I want to use my sub with 2 channel stereo playback with OPPO 205 or S88 MK ii DAC and the multi-channel analog connections to a Denon X8500H receiver.

That is possibly for me now with the Denon receiver but its PCM and DSP using the hdmi connection from NUC/Rock.

Don’t have that option for DSD/PCM 2 channel with the DACs and the analog connections.

Have one system for music and home theater combined using the Denon pre-outs for an external 7 channel amp.

The CR-1 would connect to the Front L/R pre-outs between the receiver and amp with a bypass switch for playback with MC/LFE/Bass management.

I’m curious if anyone has a CR-1 or has used one and can verify it would work as I understand it from online research.