Anyone familiar with JL Audio CR-1 Active Subwoofer Crossover?

I want to use my sub with 2 channel stereo playback with OPPO 205 or S88 MK ii DAC and the multi-channel analog connections to a Denon X8500H receiver.

That is possibly for me now with the Denon receiver but its PCM and DSP using the hdmi connection from NUC/Rock.

Don’t have that option for DSD/PCM 2 channel with the DACs and the analog connections.

Have one system for music and home theater combined using the Denon pre-outs for an external 7 channel amp.

The CR-1 would connect to the Front L/R pre-outs between the receiver and amp with a bypass switch for playback with MC/LFE/Bass management.

I’m curious if anyone has a CR-1 or has used one and can verify it would work as I understand it from online research.

Did you ever experiment with it?

Not yet, but the CR-1 is still on my wish list. Was hoping for some feedback from others while we worked on my wife’s wish list for a new kitchen/dinning/utility space. That remodel is almost complete then I can return to my wish list.

Got it,

It’s on my wishlist too. Should it materialize I can circle back with you if you still need it. Though I can’t say j entirely understand your use case.

My 8 channel dac and OPPO 205 both use the 7.1 analog inputs on the Denon AVR which bypasses the AVR internal processing and crossover to the subs. So playing stereo files with either device does not go to subs.

With the CR-1 I’d have crossover to the subs with 2 channel playback.