Anyone getting sound of a Marantz AVR using Airplay?

I’ve got a SR5006 hooked up to my network and it’s seen by Roon as an Airplay device. There are no options in settings and when selecting it and starting playback Roon appears to be streaming to it, however, there’s no sound. understand the Marantz will automagically switch to Airplay on receiving a signal.

Have I missed something?

That path looks like this one alright. Any chance the Marantz isn’t awake ?

It’s on, but never hving used airplay before I’m wondering whether I need to explicitly select it as an input on the AVR or whether the AVR autodetects an incoming stream. I had previously disabled unused inputs in the AVR’s settings. On looking at those settings today I’ve re-enabled NET/USB … which I presume must incorporate Airplay. My iPhone also sees it, but damned if it can actually stream anything to it.

To check if it’s a problem with the marantz or with roon, could you please try to play some music from your iPhone (without roon) over airplay to your AVR.
If it also didn’t work, you should check the settings of your AVR.

I briefly struggled with this on my Marantz SR5007. The marantz has to be connected to your router via Ethernet. Under your network settings on the Marantz the info button should show you the IP address of the Marantz. Some people have reported that setting the address to a static IP rather than using DHCP will improve the Airplay app’s ability to “find” the Marantz on the network. There is a switch somewhere in the Marantz menus to set the network to DHCP, that should be enabled if it is not. If you can log into your router, that should also show the Marantz as a member on your network.

On my system, I found that rebooting everything (the router, the Marantz and my Roon computers) made it “just work” whenever I select the Marantz airplay zone from my zone list within Roon. It doesn’t matter what input the Marantz is set to, the Airplay zone will take over and music should flow.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, it is hooked up via Ethernet and set to dhcp. nmap finds it on the network. I’ll try a hard restart.

I’ve found my AV8801 sometimes just loses its mind and while it shows up on the network, AirPlay doesn’t work, nor does the web-based control. It’s not a Roon problem, I can’t airPlay anything to it from any device. I imagine unplugging it and plugging it back in will fix, but i’ve been too lazy to do that.

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I had the same issue. Mine was connected through Ethernet. I could see Spotify playing on the receiver but no sound output. It worked for me after I disabled the wifi and let the network setting be on DHCP

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Not true.
If you connect your Marantz A/V8805 via hard wire ethernet while using Roon, you will still be getting CD standard 44.1 Khz, HEOS takes over. I tried several options, I cannot stop HEOS or Airplay. Marantz is currently not interested with a software fix, or else it would be fix. Not happy, and looking at alternatives.