Anyone got the FiiO M11 yet

Just placed an order for this…but I’m not a 'droid guy…so wondering if anyone has roon running it and what the experience is like? Any gotcha’s to installing?

I’ve seen some youtube videos with roon icon in the apps screens so I’m sure its going to work, just wondering what the usage scenario is like.

Planning on using this for mobile use predominantly but also perhaps around the house wifi tethered and a pair of custom IEMs (balanced TRRS) but it can also double a USB DAC or bluetooth DAC

I went down to E1 personal audio for a demo and it sounded good. It is probably first music player if I recalled that can convert PCM to DSD on the fly.

Sound pretty good like my previous FiiO X5 mk3. I’m using FiiO F9 Pro balanced earphones. However, I sold off my FiiO X5 a month back in favour of using my android one phone with external USB-DAC (FiiO Q1 mk2). FiiO also have FiiO music player app in Google Play which look and feel almost like M11.

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Thanks Guy…David is away outstation, and all the first batch preorder is taken up. I got my order in at at S$702 so hope they will price match with E1 … but even its S$23 difference if it arrives early June as they say Ill just eat the price difference. Its a birthday present for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you plan running Roon on it then you will be very disappointed as android and Roon for playback currently suck.

The devs are working hard on the 'droid support…for now I just want a new toy for my bday and if Roon is getting better on it then good enough for me …most of my remotes are iOS devices anyway so its more as an endpoint than remote

It’s the endpoint thats the issue though. Yes I know they are working on it and it can’t come soon enough but it could be some time off. They need to sort out the current crop of issues with their basic product before adding any more features.

Hi. I am a bit of a Fiio fanboy, M6, X7ii, M9, X3ii, FH5… erm…that’s it.

My avatar is showing the M6 running roon, not as endpoint but remote, works fine. The M11 is a powerhouse so I can’t see it being a problem. You won’t get audiophile sound out of it as endpoint though… Android buggers about with the sound somewhat. It’ll work but not bit-perfect :slight_smile:

M11 is a lovely player. Im all dap’ed up however, can’t justify another one just now… :slight_smile: - really want the FH7 Iems just out… bet they’d pair just perfectly with the M11!

I’m looking forward (It is in their roadmap) that Roon will release a music player (not remote) that will run independently. Currently I’m using USB Audio Pro app and an external USB DAC.

Hope you can post a mini review here when you get your M11! By the way, Happy Birthday dude :blush:

It’s not till week after next, but thanks for the wishes. I’ll try to put something here for everyone. just dropped their price to the same E1 after I emailed them :stuck_out_tongue:

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OT (sorry @wizardofoz) but are there any benefits from using USB Audio Pro over the Qobuz native app? I use the Qobuz-app with the AQ Red on my phone now.

If your android yes you get bit perfect and higher rates.and proper rate switching with UAPP. If you use Qobuz app then it’s using the standard Android system audio which is fixed dependant on the device usually 48 k. My phone is stuck at 48/24 for everthing, Samsung tablet seems to output ,96/24 all the time. Also it sound s way better via UAPP.


Yes, UAPP is still the best way to deliver bit perfect in Android and iOS, so it can decode DSD and MQA without any form of conversion.

Sound filters on FH7 earphones? Wow!

Interesting review here:

and he discusses a symbiosis with the M11. 740usd for the FH7 is pretty extreme, i think the MRSP is around 450usd??

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It is 740sgd which is about 536usd. This is considered flagship model from Fiio. It will pair with M11 in balanced model perfectly.

Oh, sorry my bad :slight_smile:
Yeah! should pair perfectly.

I have X7ii and that sounds superb with FH5, i really want FH7 now :wink:

Sorry for off-topic…

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How does the M11 compare to the new Ibasso dx220 and hiby R6 pro?

It is hard to compare them since they all used different DAC chipsets and headphone amps. One thing M11 stands above all DAPs are (I think first in the market) that does PCM to DSD on the fly conversion. Similar to what Roon does, only different is M11 does this exclusively in hardware. In the demo with M11 when set in this mode, listening to PCM (44.1k) converted DSD64, it becomes apparent that the SQ is more relaxed and ‘analog sounding’. This is important especially listening to earphones, hard and harsh sounding can become fatigue over time.

Here you go

After 10 years with Sonos and itunes/apple music, I am making a jump to Roon Nucleus and Tidal (nucleus on order). Could I use the FiiO M11 as my music file storage device off the Nucleus? And then have the M11 to take with me when I travel or a long bike ride to listen to music? Also, I didn’t understand the earlier comment about “not audiophile quality as an endpoint.” What does that mean? Thanks in advance.