Anyone have a Acoustic Energy AE520?

I own a pair of AE520s …love them but sometimes they are too much for my room. Was wondering if anyone else has the same. If so what are your experiences with AE520 ?

My System is

Speaker :AE520
Amp: Maranntz KI Ruby
DIgitial: Marantz Sacd3n fed by IfiZenStream as roon end point
Vinyl: Thorens 309

Yes, I’ve a pair of these - cracking speakers.

I have them in a 26’ x 15’ x 9’ basement.

There are plenty of demo vids on YouTube showing them in similar and smaller spaces.

How big is your room?

HI Paul sorry for late response .

I agree . Outstanding speakers. I have them in my fairly meisum size loft. Room is unveven. I owuld say 4.5 by 6 mtrs.

What do you drive them with, I have a matrantz Ki ruby…fed by Marantz sacd30n (use as USB DAC) and ifi tZen stream hru roon. Love them…auditioned the harbeths SHL5 a fe week ago. Apart from vocals the AE520 was better in every-way.

My two system constants are a Wyred 4 Sound 10th Anniversary dac and STI-1000 vs from the same manufacturer.

Currently, I have a Wolf Audio Luna server running Euphony Stylus with a Black Ice F360 preamp in the mix as well.

I’ve had Roon with HQPlayer to a Zen Stream, and a W4S MS Server, as well as a Schiit Freya+ in the mix. Played around with JPlay and Audirvana, but once I got Euphony dialed in that was a whole new ball game.

I know what you mean by them feeling like they’re too much for the room, but that was prior to Euphony and the F360.

I also know folks like the larger Hegel integrateds with AE.

I’ve no idea how far there is to go with these speakers after a year.