Anyone have a pair of Oda speakers?

I think these are intriguing. But is there any way to connect them to Roon? Anyone have a pair already?

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What do you find appealing about these except, perhaps, the appearance? There is no technical information or specifications at all on the website, just a lot of touchy-feely mumbo-jumbo. Seems like a lifestyle product rather than serious audio.

OTOH, with WiFi and line inputs, connection to Roon might be possible.

Not what you expect from me, huh? :grinning:

Well, I think it’s intended as an conduit for the live performances. Maybe like DRM, even. I don’t think the technical specs of the speakers are all that pertinent. Here’s more:

Oda’s business model is to earn most of its income off subscriptions. The first season, which runs through March, will be free as a kind of dress rehearsal. After that, subscribers will pay $79 per season.

I see this and I wish them luck but why make these speakers an entry fee?

I honestly can’t see how the sonic performance could even begin to be half way decent. Bass frequencies will be non existent for starters…

$300 for the speakers and $320 for a year’s subscription to listen to ‘live’ music at set times from artists with questionable talent/portfolios?

I pass.

I think it’s a interesting story for a couple of reasons.

First off, the whole Oda thing is clearly a recursive bit of performance art. Having the speakers and listening to the performances over them is part of the meta-piece.

Secondly, it’s a warning about what happens when you let “music technologists” design alone! There’s this bit in the Washington Post story:

A lot of what drives Oda is Dangerfield’s frustration with how music is distributed and consumed across digital platforms. Streaming services offer unlimited listening options, playing devices are packed with apps to allow multitasking and speakers are so mobile they can be slipped onto a bookshelf until they’re almost forgotten.

“I hate to sound like a grumpy old man, but I don’t like where things are going,” Dangerfield says.

This is a guy who wants some way to stand out, when what he knows how to do is already a solved problem.


Well, but probably the technical information is also mumbo-jumbo, because the High End equipment anyway sounds as it wants. I remember all those very “technical” poetic descriptions in reviews …

I’ll say one thing: the website is masterful in its design, language and appearance. As for the speakers and subscription package, it’s not for me. But how about these larger Oda speakers? :wink:

Perhaps but they do not even make any attempt to justify (or sell) what is clearly a non-standard construction. It seems a denial of technology.

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