Anyone have Roon and BluOS working flawlessly?

I experienced lags in playback and skipped tracks trying to use a Node 2i as an endpoint (Roon on MBP. MBP wired to router, WiFi to Node).

Considering an NAD C658 but if Roon isn’t working great with it that might drop it down my list. Anyone have experience with Roon and the NAD?


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I experience the same thing on my node 2, everyhing is hardwired. Windows10 pc as core and node 2 as endpoint.
If i use my ipad as endpoint, there is no problem with skipping and lags.
So it must be a Bluesound thing i guess.

No issues here with BluOS on Node1, Flex and my M17 with BluOS MDC. Just one issue with huge delays when syncing players. This is a known issue in BluOS.

No issues with node 2 except that sync bug that is still awaiting a fix.

Have you considered that the wireless connection might be the issue and not BluOs or Roon. Are you using 5Ghz or 2Ghz connection? Also isnt the 2i still.awaitig full Roon certification?

When I was auditioning amps, I tried out the NAD C388 with BluOS module. I had wanted it to work out, but in the end the BluOS module was flaky for me so I opted to get a different amp.

Hey Simon.

I don’t think it’s wifi. I’m using Google Mesh and it auto selects 2.4 vs 5 based on signal strength, noise, etc. The Node on its own works fine and shows excellent signal strength. Hard wiring just isn’t an option for me. My guess - pure conjecture - is it’s the RAAT implementation in BluOS. I think you’re correct that Node 2i is Roon Tested but not certified.

Flakey how? Playback lag, skipped tracks, other?

It would lose connection to the network and needed to be rebooted to be seen again. I suspect the BluOS module was at fault, but didn’t really spend a ton of time investigating since it was on a home audition from the music store.

I didn’t think it boded well and as the convenience of the BluOS module was the only thing going for it, I went with the better sounding amp.

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Have a Node 2i hardwired in the living room as it’s close enough to the router. Also have a Pulse in the bedroom and Node 2 in the music room both connected via wi-fi extenders and all connected to a Nucleus. Yesterday using the Roon controller on my MacBook to the Node tracks started skipping and then the Node would disappear from Roon but was still visible via the BluOS app?. This morning have the same problem with the Pulse :unamused:. Restarted the Nucleus and so far all seems fine :smiley:. Not sure whether the problem is related to the extenders but at the moment they are my only workaround to poor signal problems.

Spoke too soon. Damn you Technology :unamused:.

I also had syncing problems so bad that most times I used Roon only if I streamed to one device. When I wanted more speakers I used the BluOS controller. The syncing problems occurred when playing Tidal but also when I played from my own local Library.

This week I started a month free Qobuz Hifi subscription and the syncing problem stayed. But after removing Tidal from Roon the syncing problem magically disappeared.

I don’t understand how this is possible but it is tru. For the first time I can use Roon to the full.

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In my case with just an NAD M10, Bluos, Roon, Tidal and Qobuz all seem to work together fine.


If BluOS controller still sees it and control it it seems like a Roon/Bluesound RAAT implementation issue.

Using BluOS, your Node is talking directly to Tidal/Spotify/NAS over WiFi and across the Internet. With Roon in the middle there’s another machine (Nucleus in your case) and a different protocol - RAAT. If you’re doing Tidal MQA and have Roon doing the first unfold, you’ve got more data streaming over your network than having the Node handle MQA unfolding.

I have 2 NAD ci580 network music players (4 zones each) and 10 NAD ci720 zone amps each with bluos integrated and working fine with roon. It seems the sync problem happens more (always?) with bluos speakers…

NAD 658, 390DD, 758v3 and Pulse Flex all working great for me. Even staying in sync now via Roon. Node 2 is less consistent. Sometimes loses sync and/or disconnects briefly but good overall. All units running on Eero wifi system.

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Interestingly turned the power off and on again on the Bluesound Pulse and Node for a soft reset. This seemed to have cured the problem for the time being but to be honest just waiting for the problem to occur again anytime. It seems there are so many variables for problems to happen so I just accept the situation and do what is necessary to restore normal service.

Never got it working for a couple of hours without problems.

I’m running a roon bridge on a cubox and a stereo pair of pulse 2.

The cubox is stable since 2 years. I added last year the stereo pulse. Running the pulse with the blueOS app is fine. With roon they keep stopping the playback, having drop outs and from time to time complete crashes, so that only a power reset brings them back to live.

Basically a very frustrating experience. Waiting for the next blueOS update. If that doesn’t fix the problem, I will sell the pulse pair.

Using a Powernode2 and Pulse Flex for a few years now without any issues… also synching perfect with other raat zones. Can’t remember ever having any dropouts.

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I’m using a NAD T777v3, a Bluesound Node 2 and a Bluesound Pulse soundbar.
The NAD is used primarily with Roon for music, and to watch TV via HDMI ARC.
The Node 2 is connected to the optical TV output and is paired with the soundbar to play the TV audio in the open kitchen using the Bluesound app.
From time to time I’m using Roon to group the NAD and the soundbar and that works flawlessly.
Edit: all connected via WiFi

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