Anyone have Roon and BluOS working flawlessly?

I was just thinking that since the update a few days ago things are working well with Roon and Bluesound on my Pulse 2 and Pulse Mini.
I use them through all angles, link zones etc and it’s all Tickety Boo…

Did Bluesound issue a nw update?
Guess I’ll update my two Flex 2is and hope for the best then…
Thanks for the info

No issues here. SGC sonictransporter to NAD M10, all via wifi. Flawless

I have a mix of Bluesound products. All the new stuff is not working right with Roon. The last gen devices are completely trouble free.

I have the Bluesound Node2i in my living room, hooked up to a Rotel A14 via Coax and powering B&W speakers. Works flawlessly with Roon. I have had issues akin to what the OP stated in the past - it was a network issue. The Node2i was hardwired, but a faulty LAN cable to my living room router caused the router to only have 100mbps bandwidth instead of 1 gbps. Once i diagnosed the issue, no further problems ever.

I have the NAD C368 with BluOS Module working flawlessly with Roon. Highly recommended.

I have a SonicTransporter and four Bluesound Pulse 2i speakers. I can not stream music flawlessly over my network. I might be able to listen to music a day or two without issues but then, all of sudden, a speaker drops out for whatever reason. Whenever I call Bluesound and they diagnose my signal strength it shows that it is excellent with -37 db. I can only assume there is something wrong with Roon and this is why I get dropped signals? Please let me know what suggestions you have. Thanks.

My setup includes:

  • an NAD C368 with BluOS 2 MDC wired to my router;
  • a Bluesound Pulse 2i wireless;
  • Node core on MPB, wireless;
  • Local and Tidal tracks

I had a minor issue setting up the Pulse 2i initially, because I told it about the separate 2.4 & 5 GHz networks. Once Bluesound support helped me figure that out & go 5 GHz exclusively, I’ve been pretty much hiccup-free.

“Pretty much” because once in a while I’ll jump between Roon and BluOS running the two devices grouped. When I do, on switching back to Room it will “lose” connection to the group on first try, but will refresh itself and carry on just fine from there.

Edit: Pulse 2i, not Node 2i.

NAD M10 working flawlessly. Using ethernet connection.

In our place, we have:
Flex (original) - WiFi
Flex 2i - WiFi
Pulse Mini 2i - Wifi
NAD 368 w/ BluOS v1 card - wired
NAD M10 - WiFi
NAD 658 - wired

Had the syncing problems, but now all working just fine.