Anyone know of a Roon-Certified streamer that includes Chromecast for $1k or less?

I need both, because I sometimes use Plex. Looking for a reasonably priced streamer that does both. Any ideas?

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Did the Primare streamer not work out?

Any Android phone would work, wouldn’t it? With perhaps a Dragonfly if you aren’t happy with the built-in DAC.

Primare not released yet; early reviews mixed but still interested. Wondering if there is alternative.

@Bill_Janssen Thanks; looking for “put into stereo cabinet” solution.

Most Android phones will fit in most stereo cabinets I’ve seen :slight_smile: .


I have one on its way so I may be able to give you some insight when it arrives.

Thanks @Henry_McLeod.

I think you could do worse than to get a Chromecast Audio for just a few bucks, with an optical connection to a streamer or DAC of your choice. My logic is that you then have a wider choice of devices to choose from, as you are not limited to choosing one with native Chromecast support.


@ChrisSU A real option if need be.

It would be nice to have a device which both supports RAAT and if need be Chromecast.

I wonder if an NVIDIA Shield device might work? Would the Roon Remote APK install on that device? If so, you’d have RAAT, and Chromecast is built in. Seems to have only HDMI outputs, though.

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Don’t think it goes to 192/24…

The spec sheet there says it does…

Thanks. I’ll look into it.


looks like 96k:

The device itself does 24/192 over the HDMI output. I was thinking of using the RAAT protocol to the Android Roon Remote, which should see the HDMI output as an audio output. Run that directly into an AVR or through an HDMI-to-S/PDIF converter.

Now, whether you can install the Roon Remote Android APK on that device is an unknown. After all, it has no screen, so perhaps the remote won’t work. And whether that app will permit 24/192 is also an unknown. Could be that we’ll need an Android version of Roon Bridge.

Shield absolutely supports 192k. Qobuz plays 192k perfectly and Plex used to (until they broke it beyond all recognition).

Shield is a perfect solution for playback, but unfortunately many developers do not support it correctly and mistakenly chalk it up to onlky being 96k. It also plays hi-res multichannel audio.

I hoping dreaming and begging that we can get some hi-res playback on Shield from Roon rather than purchasing and connecting and powering unnecessary hardware.

Given up on Plex use case. Built a rpi digione plus and very happy with it. Thanks guys.