Anyone recommend some wired IEM's about £200-£300?


As per the title.
I’m looking for some IEM’s for use with Roon at home and Tidal on the go.
I’ve got some AirPod Pro’s but fancy something wired for higher resolution and use on holiday if the batteries run low.

Thousands on the internet, no idea where to start.
They will be used with iPhone and Cobalt DAC.


I have some AKGs, which are okay, but not amazing, but do the job when travelling or by a pool.

If I were to replace them I’d probably take a look at Etymotic.

ADV Sound has the Furai for sale at $199 dollars. I was curious and ordered them. They are really nice for the price and extremely comfortable.

Might take a look at Moondrop as well. The Blessing2 are very well received. But it’s slightly above your budget.

I’m in the same boat - currently looking, and overwhelmed by choice. One that did grab my attention …

Currently £269.99 on Amazon UK.

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I’d draw up a tick list.
Bass heavy or not
Amount of passive isolation
Depth of fit, etymotics for example go deep in the ear
Microphony of the cable
Cable length, thickness
Type of ear tips
Bundled ear tips
Availability of replacement ear tips

try these… O well i have them and am very happy with them! EIM are subjective.

I would get some made to fit your ears. The better the fit the better the sound in my opinion. I used ultimate ears in the UK. Quite pliable so really comfy.

Yeah, that’s a possibility. But usually a bit more above this person’s budget. Though Adv. has a DIY kit for it and offering custom tips for all kinds of IEMs. I have one made for my U12T’s and it’s just perfect.

In budget. I got their motorcycle ones rather than music. Not sure there is a difference. Sound great to me.

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Don’t know them, but you’re right about the price.

Thanks Dave

Just arrived , very pleasant unboxing and they have a great range of ear buds to try.

Sound wise, on the first album, could use lots of audiophile terms but I don’t know what most of them mean.

However, very comfortable can’t really tell I’m wearing them and they sound delightful.
Just ordered the KA1 Dac to see how it compares to the DragonFly Cobalt.

They also come with a 20 digit scratch code so you can test if they are authentic Fiio on the website.

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