Anyone seen an AntiVirus software for Roon Nucleus?

I’ve been getting “IP reputation” attack messages from my COX Panoramic home router. It shows me some IP packets bouncing around Europe & elsewhere trying to get into my Nucleus. It “seems” COX is denying them entry. But they keep trying. So, has anyone tried to add AntiVirus software like Norton to the Nucleus?

Think that AntiVirus software is not required, since you will not use a browser on Nucleus to download files and you will not receive emails on Nucleus. Hopefully Nucleus has a firewall functionality that should be sufficient.

The Nucleus is a turnkey appliance. There is no administrative access/ability to install additional software onto it.

AFAIK is there no firewall. The Nucleus is an appliance meant to run Roon Server and designed to be easy to use (no complicated setup needed). The device configuration page (HTTP), the Roon software and SMB filesharing are the only network services offered (open ports) and are meant to be reachable (accessible) over the network. The appliance is designed for use in secure private (home) networks.

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