Anyone using Roon with Sonore ultraDigital?

I’m thinking of getting an ultraDigital (usb to SPDIF converter) to go with my ultraRendu. Is anyone using this combo with Roon?


I can confirm that a USB->S/PDIF convertor does work with the UltraRendu running Roon, I have a cheaper XMOS U8 device, with a simple USB in, S/PDIF out over RCA.
Though I normally use the UltraRendu to run the SonoreUPnP Bridge.

The UltraDigital gives you Digital out over BNC or HDMI with I2C output.
Do you know which chipset the UltraDigital uses? Though I guess being the same vendor you should expect UltraRendu to UltraDigital to work.
Please report back on your UltraDigital experirnents & evaluation


I’ve been using an Audiophilleo 2 USB>SPDIF converter with Roon for a while now. It’s given me intermittent problems. Roon support was never able to solve all the problems so I’m looking for another solution.

I have been to the Sonore website. It doesn’t say anywhere that the ultraDigital works with Roon. Anyway real world experience is more important to me. If you are using the uRendu to uDigital combo with Roon and everything works that’s great news. Thanks.

Paging @Jesus_Rodriguez

I think you can if you use it with a Linux or OS X device. Sonore says

 3. USB input support PCM, DSD via DoP, and native DSD via Linux
 4. No drivers needed for Linux and OS X

You can potentially go server>ultradigital>DAC but undoubtedly the claim will be that with uRendu in the mix it will be better.

Its SPDIF over BNC connector and you can use an adapter or cable to get RCA output. The other output is i2s (not i2c) over an HDMI connector. It’s not HDMI video / audio as customary on home receivers and TVs.

It is not the same box as the Singer SU-1.

The ultraDigital will works great with Roon and RoonReady on the Rendu. No worries there and it’s a very good converter.

It is compatible. You can plug an ultraDigital it into a Roon server and it will work just fine.

Your original statement was misleading. You are making it sound like they are the same box and they are not.

Now your are insinuating that they perform the same, but you don’t actually know how they perform. You have not tested them, you have not listened to them, you were not involved in the development, etc. They are different with similar digital inputs and outputs. Only one matches our Rendu and can use a dual faceplate to make them into one unit:)

Check my previous posts. I will be using the uDigital with the ultraRendu.

Paul, why not just go directly from the ultraRendu to your DAC via USB instead of converting to SPIDF?
Have you noticed a significant SQ difference with SPIDF? USB often supports higher sampling rates.

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No choice. I have a Naim DAC which is SPIDF only. A USB DAC is hopefully in my future.

Hi Paul,

The ultradigital will accomplish this. It outputs SPDIF via Coax RCA and I2s over HDMI cable. The ultradigital will need to be downstream from a Roon Ready player. The microrendu is the player; the ultradigital is the converter.

Thank you Robert.

Actually, the ultraDigital outputs S/PDIF via BNC, not coax RCA.

Either one with adapter. The RCA/BNC cable adapters are extremely common.

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