Anyone using the Senic Nuimo Click device / able to create an Roon extension for it?!

I have been previously using the Senic Nuimo Click switch device with my previous SONOS implementation but having moved to Roon to control everything this device isn’t getting the usage that it should be - further details here:

So mine is still stuck to my wall but I would really like to start using this again with Roon in a similar way that rooExtend provides functionality to the Nuimo Senic…anyone else out there with similar requirements or ability to create an extension for the Senic Nuimo Click??

The Senic Nuimo Click device has an EnOcean USB dongle attached to the Nuimo Hub device and was only used to provide simple volume/track/playlist options but it was really very useful - especially as it doesn’t require batteries or charging…


@DrCWO is on holidays but tagged him so he can respond…

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