App crash when I added one to many Parametric EQ in the DSP

MAC mini 2010 OS High Sierra 10.13.6
roon 1.6 build 416

Native roon client on the MAC or app at the iPad crashes.

Description Of Issue
Added too many (I guess, instances in the parametric eq DSP) now I cannot even open the DSP in order to change or read my settings. the Roon app crasches every time I try to look at the parametric eq. Sad to loose all the settings, since I’ve spent hours with fine-tuning the eq… Don’t no how to get around it. The apps started crashing when I added perhaps the 19’th or 20’th setting! Yeah crazy! But since there were no limitation in the app…

Worked with the app in the iPad, but the app in the MAC crashes as well…

B r Jonas

Hi @Jonas_Henryz,

We currently have a ticket open with the development team regarding this issue. I can’t give specific timeframes for when this will be resolved, but we will be sure to keep you updated here when new information is available.

Thanks for reaching out!

Hi @Jonas_Henryz and welcome. As @dylan mentioned this has been reported before: Roon crashes while adding more than 20 bands in DSP Parametric EQ and number 20th is a parameter too far. @Jonas_Henryz I get the impression that you’d like to try to rescue your settings? If you’re reasonably computer literate, can use the terminal on your Mac, I think that it’s possible to rescue these.

I’ve not got a Mac core installation, I run a Linux install, but on that there’s a directory called /var/roon/RoonServer/Database/Registry/Core. It’ll almost certainly be elsewhere on the mac, you could use the command line find utility, something like find / -type d -name "RoonServer" should narrow the field.

In this directory I have a text/JSON file called endpoint_parametric_equalizer_presets, mine looks like something like this, I’ve added indentation and chopped some to make it easier:

            "name":"Proto House Curve",

You can at least read that bands you took time over and recreate the eq settings, please stop at 19 bands this time :wink: .

If you were feeling brave you could create a copy and try editing the last band out, it may then work. My worry is if you get it wrong things might get worse. See how you get along with the first part and give a shout if you’re contemplating the edit solution but need some help, or any other questions come to that.

Good luck…

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On a 2010 MacMini I’m surprised you can do much DSP of anything anyway.

Ok, thanks, with some fiddeling (didn’t match your description to 100%) I could find the configuration I’ve added in the json file for the fail. Didn’t try to edit the file :wink:

Thanks for the professional response and help. Hope it will be fixed/prevented to use as many eq’s in future release, though.

B r Jonas

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