App Crashes iPhone or iPod

**Core Machine (Operating system/System

Nucleus Plus

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Eero hub - wired 1Gbps

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

dCS Network Hub

Description Of Issue

When the Roon App is placed inside of a group (see photo) the app will close unexpectedly while using. For instance scrolling or searching-any task that interacts with the app.

Moving the App outside of the grouping all is well.

I have the same problem, but with the app outside of the group. I’ve mentioned this problem before elsewhere.

The problem seems somewhat intermittent, and when it occurs, doing a hard reset of the phone seems to sort the problem. But then it will recur at some point. In terms of the nature of the problem itself - when it is occurring, the iPhone Roon app will automatically close after around 20 seconds of use, i.e. I am returned to the iPhone home screen. I can start Roon up again on the phone and use it, though after 20 seconds or so the problem recurs, ad infinitum until I do the hard reset.

Would love for this to get sorted!

I too see the app “closing” either in or outside of the App Group now that more time has passed.

The behavior is more like minimization of the App rather than a “crash” or closing. Often times I can resume right where I left off after I reopen the App.

I have experienced this on the new iPad Air as well. I use the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iOS is up to date on both devices.

I would hope/expect more users having this issue, but until “extracampine” came along, I thought I might be the only person experiencing this.

One last thing: It’d be really convenient if issues could be reported via email to Support from the App. It’s rather cumbersome to have to start a thread and create the post. When on a phone, it isn’t convenient.

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Same issue here.
Seems to happen whenever I scroll too much.

I have had “the IPhone crashing problem” for several months. On an IPhone, the app will shutdown for after 15-20 seconds. This can happen repeatedly over and over. Previously this was happening on an IPhone 11 however I just upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro (iOS version 14.4) and the issue persists. This issue is not as prevalent after a power off/on cycle. It seems to disappear for a short time and them come back. However, I have an iPad 8th generation (iOS 14.4) and the issue never occurs.

I had the issue when I was running ROCK core 1.7 and it exists with CORE 1.8 (details below).

The issue is super annoying and I would like to get it sorted. I can assist pulling logs etc to troubleshoot.
ROCK version 1.8 build 764 stable
Intel NUC i3 version 8
Just upgraded to 14.4.1 IOS

IPhone version 1.8 build 764

I also have a connected Tidal account.



Thank you for the report here, we are tracking this behavior in the following thread, please let us know here for further troubleshooting:

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