Apple Dark Mode: Roon Title Bar is White

The Roon window title bar is white instead of black. Please fix that as it’s causing image persistance.


Agreed, it’s currently not full dark mode and should be fixed.

Where? In Mac OS Catalina? iOS? iPad OS?

In Catalina I presume, and it’s come up a few times before… eg:

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Just reinstalling Catalina on my MBP. I haven’t seen this…

It’s a problem on Mac OS Mojave. Not a problem on iPad OS.
Haven’t tried Catalina but would be surprised if it’s not a problem there as well.
Keep in mind it’s just the Root title bar that’s white. The rest of the window is correctly shown in dark mode.

Is it the top bar you refer to?
In that case, i haven’t seen it as I take advantage of my screen real estate by running my apps in full screen mode.

Yes, that’s it Mikael.

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Same here!