Apple has stopped production of the iPod

The ipod is dead
Long live the walkman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I genuinely didn’t realise they were still in production.


My 2x 16 year old iPod Classics live on still. There’s been some major surgery over the years but still going strong…


Mine got treated to an ssd when it broke. Love it.

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Wow! End of an era.

Sad. They have to do something like “retro line products” for fans & fun and reincarnate iPod Classic with wheel with AirPods dedicated ver. on box (BT, big silicon disc or/and eSIM and go).

When, I: shut up and take my money!

If you have a subscription like Qobuz buy one and fill it up with 32GB 16bit 48Khz flac files for offline listening.

@Joe_Buhl without jailbreaking the iPod I’m not sure you can play Flac. I could be wrong, been a few years.

Qobuz works on iOS so it would be fine with it for offline listening.

The retro fight back starts here…

Sorry, I should have been clear, the classic not touch.

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Yeah, I tried the Rockbox thing on mine but there’s a bug which causes issues playing long FLAC files. I suspect it overwhelms the iPod’s feeble buffer. MP3s are fine on the move anyway.

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No but it plays ALAC, you will have to convert and use iTunes :pensive:

Why stop at 32Gb, mine’s a 160Gb Classic , still going strong after at least 10 (to12) years

Dug mine out, now to try and find a cable.

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Has that still got the original HDD or have you converted it?

All stock matey.

That iPod has literally circumnavigated the world a few times. Was an amazing work companion.

I have one that’s still stock, the other is modded some. Cables aren’t the problem, you need an old iTunes version to manage it. Apple Music cares not for iPod classics…

When I think of work travel, which still isn’t part of the current reality :slight_smile: , I think iPod & IEMs, often listening to “How to Disappear Completely” in a crowded airport. It’s only the music I’m missing…

Will tinker with it. Thinking about maybe completely customise it with a bit of surgery and get it working as a mojo poly trifecta.

My battery expanded in mine and never bothered to replace it. Still have 1st gen touch somewhere gave up on it when Apple stopped supporting it as could not put any apps on it that were useful.