Apple Mac Mini M1 running Roon + Plex

Hello all

Is there anybody here using an Apple Mac Mini with an M1 chip to run Roon and also Plex on the same unit?

Yes, I’m using Roon and Plex on a Mac Mini M1.

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Thanks @Danny_Koel

How much RAM and storage do you have? Do you store your files on an external HD?


I have the 8GB RAM/256GB SSD version and I store my files on a 1TB external SSD.

I do not use Plex and Roon at the same time. Both servers are running, but I’m not encoding and playing at the same time. Never tried it though…

Yeah that’s what I meant, both servers are running in the background at the same time?

Yeah, with ease. During the day I use it as my office pc as well.
But I’m having some kernel panics and my Mac totally reboots. The exception report, reports Roon as a cause of the kernel panics. Still Have to create a topic with this issue. This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the use of Plex and Roon.

You probably want 16GB of ram on the M1 for a large database like >100k tracks.

Hum. That’s doesn’t sound good @Danny_Koel. What do you think caused it?

Thanks @wizardofoz. I think I’ll do that.

Don’t know. Haven’t had the time to examine the logs. I don’t have a large database. It’s about 2500 tracks, so it’s not that I have a lot of load on the machine.

So it could be related to the man itself.

Sure, haha. Or it can be related to other software I’m running.
I’m using the PIA VPN client and I’m running Roon through the split tunnel option. If I don’t, I can’t logon to Tidal.
So much variables :smile:

And then you just lost me…. :rofl::rofl::rofl: a split tunnel?? What’s that?

:grin: No problem. With a split tunnel you can define apps that need to use the VPN connection and which apps don’t.

Got it! Thanks!

I run a Mac Mini M1 8Gb ram with Roon Core (40.000 tracks) and Plex at the same time, there is no problem at all. For a bigger music library or movie collection it is better to buy the 16Gb ram version, you don’t want swapping to the internal SSD.

Alright. Continuing on this thread with more questions.

Anybody using a NAS to store the files but keep the core on the Mac mini? If so, what nas?

I with an older synology 1813+ nas hosting about 300k tracks / 18tb of local music nas has in the past run Plex too

No issues. My nucleus backup also shares the same music files