Apple Magic Keyboard: keyboard shortcuts don’t work


I just got my Magic Keyboard for the 2018 iPad Pro 11”. I had seen a Feature Request for scrolling by two-finger gesture on the trackpad on that keyboard.

But more seriously the keyboard shortcuts don’t work at all.
This is not a Feature Request, it is a bug.

The keyboard does work for text entry, like in the text field for the browser filter. But the slash key for bringing up the filter box does not work, nor does ctrl-F for search, ctrl-A for Select All, etc.

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Not a bug as much as missing functionality: keyboard shortcuts have never been supported on iOS/iPadOS – not with bluetooth keyboards and not with the Keyboard Folio. It just becomes a bit more obvious with the Magic Keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong though – I’d like to see KB shortcuts and trackpad support implemented as much as the next guy. (Maybe a bit more so, as I’m flying iPad solo these days… :-)).

So is it not a bug or an old bug?

See your point.
And I’m pretty much also entirely iPad these days, except for Photoshop and Lightroom and those are on the way.

Hi @AndersVinberg,

On iOS/iPadOS shortcuts are not currently supported. The feedback is much appreciated though and I’ve passed this along to the team.

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What is the ETA to add this functionality?

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