Apple Music High Res

Mac can also suck with enough corporate spyware, e.g. JAMF.

Airplay updates coming according to reputable leaker. More info next month.


I would not hold your breath for fixing the AAC limitation

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I’ve been holding my breath for years mate - still kickin :grin:

We had Airplay 1, then we had Airplay 2

Anybody that thinks Airplay 2 is the end of the line forever…

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I am sure you would get more of announcement if its whole new version.

What announcement?

It’s a leak of what will be announced at WWDC… That’s why I wrote more next month…

Next iOS…


Nothing is ever perfect for everybody.
I’d used Airplay 1 via Airport Express optical(lossless) for a very long time. Now use Airplay 2(lossless) to wanderful RoPieeeXL.

What are you looking for or what is missing for you?

Airplay 2 terminology can be a little ambiguous …

as I understand it, if you’re streaming from an Airplay 2 enabled app to an Airplay 2 receiver, you get no better than AAC 256
(I think Apple Music with handoff/transfer to a HomePod is a special case that does support lossless) …

if you stream from an Airplay (aka Airplay 1) enabled app to an Airplay 2 receiver, you can get CD quality lossless, but it will be an Airplay 1 real-time stream (with the 2 second delay etc.)