Apple Music High Res

It seems that spacial audio is where its at as far as Apple is concerned.

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Where Spotify ? Incognito .

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Anyone test this beta for lossless over Airplay 2?


Ive been using Apple since June on Apple devices and they have won me over . The big sticking point is how they handle airplay which at this point is half -baked. I would love to see an Airplay Connect option like Spotify has.

So it appears i will be keeping Apple and probably Qobuz but Qobuz really needs to improve their library collection. Its weak compared to Apple and Spotify.

Spotify works at the pace of the U.S federal government. Slow as molasses. They are also not very communicative to their customers


Not sure when Spotify Hifi will get released but just a day ago someone posted a video of the Hifi intro that’s displayed on your phone. Think it was some hack but looks legit. Just do a Redit search for it.

Some new info here. Bluetooth optimization is interesting:

Unfortunately, I don’t have those features yet. Even though I am on the latest developer beta.

Apple acquires classical music streaming service Primephonic

The renowned classical music experience is coming to Apple Music.


There is a dedicated topic to discuss this news … please follow the link below…

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Hi @Marco_Klobas

So are there any rumours about if Apple Music app on the next macOS version behaves better, in terms of auto sample rate switching?

Or is it just a case of we all have to wait for the coming soon official release to test / verify

Anything seen in the latest beta @Ali_Shafai ?

AFAIK nothing has changed regarding the automatic sample rate switching (exclusive mode).

I haven’t used Monterey beta, so I don’t know whether it carries or not any changes. So far I haven’t read anything new.

Tomorrow iOS/iPadOS/tvOS 15 will be released. We’ll see if Music app will offer bit perfect playback. I don’t hold my breath.


I’ve been happily using Apple Music on my iPad 4 at my desktop for a while now.

It feeds HQPlayer for me and auto sample rate switching works great.

I’m less concerned about the failed bit perfect playback - some people way smarter than me have explained it is likely deliberate , maybe watermarking. Something affecting the bit depth but not sample rate (my beginners level understanding).

I don’t think I listen to any music with more than 10bits of actual dynamic range ( sadface ) so that’s not a problem for me :grinning:

Like you I’d love sample rates to match correctly on macOS though. So I don’t need to use iPad at my desk.

The wait continues

Yes, the lack of automatic sample rate switching on macOS is definitely more annoying than the extra injected bits on iOS/iPadOS.

Moreover, I’d like to see some hints of hi-res AirPlay…



No news of Airplay changes or Airplay3 so far

Has anyone else tried the spatialise stereo option iOS 15?

I’m absolutely blown away by it.

Where is that setting? I am using an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 15 and I don’t see that anywhere in the Music app settings (or in the Sound settings).

Long press on the volume slider

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