Apple Music Playlist not importing to Roon (Mac OS Monterey)

Roon Core Machine

iMac, M1, 16GB
Mac OS Monterey v 12.0.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Mesh wifi
iMac wired internet connection

Connected Audio Devices

Oppo UDP-205 connected via USB
Apple Airports connected via wifi on Google Mesh network

Number of Tracks in Library

148,282 Tracks
11,599 Albums

Description of Issue

Music is stored on a USB 3.0 drive. Entire iTunes/Apple music library is consolidated to one folder.
I exported the Playlist and moved the file to be under the Music folder being scanned with the music library.
Music Folder
This Mac>JAK>Music>FLAC Library (5236 tracks imported)
This Mac>JAK>Music>Apple Music Media>Music. (143038 tracks imported)

The music content has imported and handles updates fine.
The playlist file is named: Music.xml
The playlist file won’t import.
Forced Rescan does not have any effect.

Does the XML file name need to be something specific? Apple Music exports to ‘Music.xml’ under Big Sur & Monterey.

In my case the library is named iTunes Library.xml (the old iTunes name scheme) and it works in Roon.

I have tried different file names and nothing changes. I have double checked the settings on each folder.
On my folder for FLAC files, playlists are imported. When I toggle the import other playlist to off, the playlists disappear. When I toggle it on, those playlists appear.
I opened the XML file and the playlist data is in the file. The file is very large, 247 MB.

What else should I try?

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I saw another post that just today they were able to solve the same problem. I exported a new XML file. this time it imported. Maybe a timestamp issue? Maybe I never got the right combination of export/folder/scan settings right. I think there is room for improvement on this. Certainly some of the blame is on Apple for making integration difficult, they do like their walled garden to have very high walls.