Apple Music playlists not deleting with new XML library file (ref#Q387AC)

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Apple Music paylists are not deleting depsite a new XMPL library file.

Firstly I am doing exactly as stated in your guide:

My problem is that there are some redundant apple playlists; I cannot delete them and they are not deleted when I export a new .XML file. The update shows changes I have made to the playlists, so it is working, however the old playlists are still there even though they do not exist in my Apple Music app.

All I want to do is to delete these old apple playlists but there is no way I seem to be able to do this. I even reset the roon core and deleted the database, but they were still there!

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Apple Mini Mac OS Sonoma dedicated server

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Ethernet to Naim NDS

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Ethernet Unifi


Hello @David_Ratcliff ,

Thanks for your report. Can you please let us know the names of playlists that you are seeing that are not supposed to be there, and also send us the affected .XML? You can upload the .XML to the below link, and let us know once uploaded:

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