Apple Music playlists not seen by Core

Roon Core v. 914 on Synology DS720+
– 8 Gig RAM, NvME cache

Apple Music Playlists are not seen by Core since day one (v .898). I exported them in both XML and M3U and there’s nothing to do.

I moved them around within the root folder (Music) and also the subfolder Music as well where is my music library but still nothing.

Core seems to work fine otherwise.

I need some guidance please.

Thank you!

Hi @Charles_Jean,

Thank you for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some issues importing your Apple Music/iTunes playlists.

First you’ll want to determine which folder your Apple Music (iTunes music) files are located on your computer or storage devices. Next, open Apple Music on your computer and follow these steps: Go to File > choose Library > Export Library. Music will generate a Library.xml file. Save the Library.xml file to same folder that contains your Apple Music files. Do not change the name of the file. This link has a step by step how-to for the export xml file process.

For example if the path to your music is something like Charles Mac>Users>Charles>Music>then a list of genre folders you will want to place the Library.xml file inside the Music folder.

After doing this go to Settings>Storage>locate the correct share where the files are stored>click the elippsis.Then click Rescan.

While you’re there you’ll also want to go to check to ensure that XML playlists import is enabled.

This should do it. If it does not, then either your Apple Music playlist files are in another folder, the xml file export had issues, or the xml file was saved to the wrong folder.

Please let me know if this helps. I’ll be watching for your reply.

All the best,


Hi Jamie,

I think I figured why. I copied my (computer local storage) library to the NAS along with the exported playlists. I think they aren’t seen by Roon because Roon core is running from the NAS and reads the music on the NAS as well but the entire library was created initially on my mac computer. Is there a way to edit the XML and change the playlist path? I think this is the problem for most of us where Roon does not read Apple music playlists. Thanks!

Hey @Charles_Jean,

This article from our Help Center has tips for migrating your library that should be helpful. However, if these steps aren’t followed when migrating there can be problems.

Can you post a screenshot of your Storage page?

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