Apple Time Capsule Username issue


I want to use my Apple Time capsule as storage for my music and for Roon to look at it whenever music is added

Ive gone to Add network share and made sure I follow all the instruction listed and I have it ready to go

The problem is that Roon asks for a username and from what I can seen and read the Time Capsule does not have a username

Ive tried a few options but everytime it says unauthorized

Does anyone know either how to find out what the username is or generate one on the Capsule?

Hi @David_Pullum,

Give this a try:

Check in Airport Utility > Time Capsule > Disks ‘Secure shared disks’. If is set to ‘Device password’ of ‘Disk password’, you can login with any username + the password you set for your device or disk. If it is set to ‘Accounts’, use the username/password for the account you set.

If you change it to ‘Accounts’ you should be able to use username/password for your account.

If this doesn’t help or you’re not allowed to change settings from Device password to Accounts you can find details on resetting the password here

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