Apple wheel of death

i have my core on a 2019 4k 21.5 inch imac connected to a chord dave by usb direct. it has 8gb ram 6 core i5 and 256ssd. i’ve been getting the spinning wheel of death and no matter how many times i force quit roon and restart roon or the computer or shut it down and power up again the spinning wheel is there making it impossible to use roon. i use only tidal/qobuz streaming. really ruining my afteroon. activity monitor reads roon not responding.

ok so i powered down and restarted the mac for the 3rd time and i have regained the cursor and roon is looking useable again. on go my my oppo pm1 headphones very happy to solve my own query. fingers crossed it stays good.

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Hello @musickid,

Thanks so much for letting us know of this right away and for being relentless in finding a solution. We appreciate it.

Please, let us know how things go. We’d love to help, if help is needed.

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