Appreciation for the Roon Extended Support team

I used Roon in simple ways for about one year, and was pretty much able to figure things out for myself, and so had no need to ask for support here. Then, over the last few months I started wanting to do more complex (to me) things. Often being unsure of details, or of how to proceed, I started posting threads seeking support. My experience with people stepping forward to help has been amazing, and I wanted to send appreciation to the many, many people who help on these forums. The people who have helped me include the core “Support” team as well as many others including Moderators and just general Roon users. I have not encountered this kind of help and support with any other product I have used.

Below, I’ve listed some of the questions I had and the people who helped me. And although I’m specifically mentioning a few particular people, I really mean this as a general expression of appreciation to Roon Support and the extended set of helpers!!

So, thank you to all who make up Roon (Extended) Support! You and your help are much appreciated!

[And perhaps this thread can also serve as a place for others would like to salute their helpers…?]

My specific experiences: (I know there are many many more people who help, so please forgive me if I forgot someone who helped me!)


Indeed, both Roon support team and this forum are great. :slightly_smiling_face:

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