AQVox AQ-Switch SE

Hans Beekhuyzen has reviewed an Ethernet switch, the AQVox AQ-Switch SE selling for €798.

It is a modified D-Link switch. The modifications are described as follows:

“AQVOX Modification:
“State of the Art” Signal Optimization

  • Internal Ultra-Low-Noise voltage regulation
  • Jitter Reduction
  • ReClocker
  • Signal Shaper
  • EMI Eleminator
  • De-Noiser
  • Modified/optimized external power supply**

By using components from the audiophile technology in the power supply, plus innovative noise suppression concepts, AQVOX has achieved a quantum leap in the improvement of signal quality during the transmission of digital media data. The data packets experience a precise re-alignment. Sound and picture deteriorating noise (EMI), induced by sources such as PC, NAS, routers, and as well power cables, are largely eliminated.

Additional modification of the SE version:
We ask for your understanding that we will not give any details here.
The enclosures are holo sealed and all modifications are covered with resin compound.

The sound quality or expected sound enhancement cannot be judged simply by features or special components.

  • In the SE version, we have integrated our newly developed phase correction, which has been applied for the first time in the AQVOX USB Detoxer QL 2, which has contributed to more space and improved definition and impulse fidelity.

  • The new, optimized oscillator, which we refined with a tuning, is a factor 10 more precise clock generator. More precise focus and definition is the benefit.

  • We have optimized the peripheral circuitry of the switch controller chip with additional interference suppression components. A plus of room information.

  • The internal power supply circuits are now carefully optimized with additional Ultra-Fast capacitors.

  • The lining of the metal housing with butyl rubber and thereby silenced also contributed to the sound improvement. A more black background.

  • We have also been able to optimize the power supply even further.”

I have to confess that ordinarily I would read the above, laugh and nod and move on. But Hans says he hears a definite improvement using this product.

Hans is someone I trust when he is telling me what he hears. I don’t always agree with his technical explanations (MQA resolution being a case in point) but I do respect his experience and critical listening ability.

Can we just dismiss this claim without listening to the device ?
Are there better ways to spend this much money ?
Has anyone had an opportunity to listen to a system with one ?

No. I didn’t.

I think so.


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Hi I ave just ordered one of these SE switches … as a way of optimising my Naim ND555 - I will feed back and let you know - how it performs. I know my system is pretty sensitive - I used a linear PSU on my NUCi7 Roon NUC and it made a terrific difference … I would be delighted if the AQVOX performed in a similar way…

I was pretty close to ordering one of these a short while back but I have held back to see how a couple of other options pan out. It would be very interesting to see what you think. I tried a Jcat Net Femto from my server into an unmodified switch, with my chosen streamer off the same switch, all via short cat 8 patch cables. I was sceptical, but am sold on the benefits of optimising a network after hearing the results.

If I were in the market to buy a switch for that kind of money I would wait for the Uptone etherREGEN. Cost is $640 and shipping in november as it looks now.

One of the ‘other options’ I mentioned! Probably worthy of its own thread once they get into the wild.

I have found that the ethernet network is very sensitive and cables psu’s make a really significant difference…at the moment I am using a Zyxel £16 switch with an ifi psu…I will report back …

I have just installed my Aqvox se switch … it replaced my trusty Zyxel gigabit switch … and guess what my internet speed increased from 7meg to 22meg … this was totally unexpected … I have not tested the sonic qualities yet - I had to do cable tidying etc etc. So far delighted…will keep you posted.

As far as I can see the Aqvox is a L2 device, i.e. it operates as part of your local network only, and as such, has no control whatsoever over your internet connection, so your findings are indeed unexpected!
As a switch, all these devices operate at 100Mb, if not 1000Mb speeds, so anything that slows your LAN down to a mere 7Mb has to be defective.

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I totally agree … the internet connection is the internet connection … I am simply saying that I replaced my existing gigabit switch that appeared to be working satisfactorily and my network speed available improved - giving me 3 x download speed. The actual network speed improvement could be much higher - I will attempt to test this tonight…

So presumably that’s an increase in internet line speed measured from devices connected via the Aqvox switch? Otherwise, this gets really weird!
If the Zyxel switch was faulty, or was a managed switch that had been configured in some way that restricted bandwidth, that could perhaps explain it.

Hi tested Lan speed … it seems quite healthy…

On a sonic note … with the whole system stone cold … 1st impressions were as follows:-

  1. Sibilence on vocals reduced - now sounds far more natural - very nice improvement.
  2. Stereo depth improved
  3. Detail slightly improved strings and vocals - in particular
  4. Openness - width of image seems wider
  5. A relaxed sense comes across - something I cannot put my finger on - sound is more sort of
    Obviously the system needs to warm through and bed in again - I am going to do some serious listening next week and report back then. My initial impressions are very positive - in line with Hans Beekhuyzen comments.

I would go for the EtherREGEN! Watch