Arbitrary assignment of tracks to other albums while correcting track list [Solved]

Well that is good news - I look forward to trying the new build. Kudos to everyone involved!

What’s the status of this fix?

As per my above post. It will be in the next build released. We haven’t been told whether that will be 1.2 (which will have a longer test cycle) or another bugfix release (which would have a shorter test cycle).

Great, thanks. I’ll keep my eyes open.

I’ve just spent a frustrating afternoon working with this type of issue.

As I’ve run across albums that are split in Roon (they appear to be fine in the music folder Roon is watching) attempting to merge the albums seems to create huge problems in the database by creating an entirely new monster album that defies correction.

As best I can determine, there is at least one of these monsters in my library and I don’t know how many split albums remain.

A forced rescan doesn’t have any effect on the splits. Merging doesn’t work. These are owned albums on my system so I can’t simply delete the album and restore from Roon and I’m using RoonServer on the same Mac that has the music drive attached to it so access is a pain.

I have 2 questions:

Is this behavior fixed for the next release?

Should I totally uninstall Roon and start over with a fresh database?

At the end of the day I just want this to work.

Thanks for any insights,

In addition to fixing the bug described above, this screen has been completely revamped for 1.2. This should be a lot better soon, so apologies for the trouble here.

Is there other content in your Roon db you want to preserve? Play counts, favorites, playlists, edits, etc – anything like that?

If there’s nothing of value, it may be easier to start fresh and wait for the new editing tools, but if there’s anything you want to preserve, let me know the details and we can work around it.

Looking forward to release of 1.2 so I can have another go!
Any idea when this will be?


Thanks Mike–

If the tone of my message was curt, I apologize. It’s easy to forget the massive task you folks have in building a cross platform music organizing and playing system.

I think I’ll uninstall and reinstall to make sure things are clean and fresh for the next release.


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No apology needed. Even putting the bug aside, that screen really needed a lot of work.

Your feedback was helpful when we redesigned this Richard, so I’m looking forward to hearing how you do with 1.2. It’s in testing now, but we don’t generally talk dates until we feel everything is stable and ready to go, at which point we just release it :wink:

Sorry for the lack of specifics, but ASAP, I promise.

Well, I will be very happy to check it out. No rush particularly, just give me a heads-up when it’s out and I’ll get to it soon as I can. I will be pretty busy from April 21 to the end of the month but apart from that I should be able to try it out.


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This is fixed!

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Excellent news! Thanks for all your hard work! I will check it out as soon as I can, which will sadly not be for several days.


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