ARC absent without leave

My ARC was working fine. As of today Roon won’t go beyond the testing phase and ARC cannot find the core. I’m baffled. I’ve tried to manually setup the port on the router ( which was working fine before)

Just a couple of suggestions if you haven’t tried already.

Try stopping and restarting your core.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your ARC App.

Maybe reboot your router/network too.

Hi Mr Nutter unfortunately I’ve tried all , but possibly not in the right order!

And this is an acceptable solution? Something very wrong with arc if this is required as often as it’s recommended.

You are not alone it’s a wider problem than just a reboot.

I’m still on the early release candidate, so accept that the occasional reboot might be required. Only had to do it twice since ARC was released, so can’t really complain.

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