ARC and Android USB DAC

I am looking for a USB-C DAC to use with ARC.

Any recommendations or issues?


Portable or not.
Where in the world are you.
What are you putting on the other end of the DAC, headphones, amp.

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Pixel 7 running ARC,
to power headphones, both in ear and over ear.

In the UK, looking at a budget of £100 give or take


If you don’t need balanced. Spoilt for choice for good cheap dongles and you can do almost as well for half the price.

I have been using the FIIO KA2 (with balanced 4.4mm pentacon) with my OnePlus 9 Pro and Pixel 6A.

You might want to look at the KA3 as that supports both 3.5 and 4.4mm and has a removable Cable (so can be used with Android and iphone) and is just under your price limit.

The KA1 would not work on any of my Android phones though.