ARC and Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

Telstra (Australia) Smart Modem Gen 2, WiFi, ExpressVPN Present but not active.

Description of Issue:

Getting the ‘Roon ARC was unable to securely access your Roon Core’ message.

Here’s the error message:

Here’s the overview of router settings:

And here’s the specific UPnP page.

I’m hoping this will be trivial for someone with a knowledge of networking to troubleshoot.

It looks like you might be getting a CGNat connection from your ISP. I would double check with them if that is the case. And, if so, see if you can get a static ip.

Hey @Michael_Rowe2,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you had any luck getting in touch with your ISP to request a static IP?

All the best,

Hi Ben

My apologies for the delay in responding, things are frantic at work at the moment and I’ve had no clear air for a while. I really appreciate the follow up. I’ve taken the advice to get a static IP address, which is now active - I’ve had a few lame experiments to get it going but have not had much luck. It should be straightforward - I’m using a Mac so it’s just a case of going to system settings and following the instructions. I’ll have another go at it tomorrow. If you know of a handy resource that will assist in this I’d be grateful if you could point me towards it! I haven’t been following the forum of late so no doubt would have missed helpful posts… Again, my thanks Michael

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Hey @Michael_Rowe2,

From what we can see here, it looks like you just about have everything set up on the network and core side so that Arc should function properly. Mainly that you have UPnP active with matching IP’s from your router side and roon, which seems to be the case.

If you’re still having issues, we can still dig into setting up a manual port forwarding rule on your Telstra modem as a backup plan. That would fall under the WAN settings similar to UPnP.

Let me know if you’re still having issues getting things sorted out!

Thanks Ben - Arc works locally when in contact with the network, but when I move beyond that I get a correction error.

Here’s what the modem has in the UPnP settings

And here is what Roon has:

Does this look right to you?

Thanks for your continued assistance!


Hi Ben - got this sorted. Working perfectly now. Had an issue with the router and reset the whole system. when it all came back up it worked.

Thanks for your help along the way.



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