ARC/Android: Hot Phone During Downloading/Playback of Downloaded Tracks [Investigating]

Same for me on Android. I’ve stopped using ARC for now it’s so bad.

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Hi @mackid1993,

I’ve split this post into a dedicated thread since we’re using the previous thread to zero in on iOS issues specifically.

Are you able to provide a general timestamp of when you last experienced/next experienced thermal issues and/ir battery drain ith ARC? We’d love to activate diagnostics and investigate further with development.

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Same here. It just drained 9% overnight and I don’t have early access.

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Hi @Chikolad,

Thank you for the report. Are you experiencing any thermal regulation issues (hot phone)? Do you experience battery drain whilst downloading in the background, or is ARC neither playing nor downloading and simply open?

Hi @connor,
My phone doesn’t get hot when idle. There is a certain drainage when idle and the phone also reports frequent crashes of ARC and suggests that I put it in deep sleep. I did enable smart downloads lately which might explain some of the drainage overnight?

Here is a screenshot from right now

Granted, it’s evening here now and I did use ARC in a couple of drives today.

I have a Pixel 6 Pro which doesn’t report crashes or memory usage like Samsung phones do. However I experience the same behavior. During playback my phone gets slightly warmer than usual, not hot however after listening ARC will destroy my battery in the background unless I manually kill the app.

My Samsung now complains that ARC is taking up too much RAM. It’s reporting that ARC takes 1.1 GB while in the background (haven’t used it at all since last night, ~12 hours ago).
Not sure if that’s considered normal.

@Chikolad Not sure if you heard from support, but I seem to be having better luck with the latest early access build. I believe you’d have to switch your Roon server to Early Access to use it but on this new build I had hardly any background drain and after a few hours battery optimization did its thing and ARC closed on its own.

Great to know! Looking forward to getting the new release :grinning: