ARC B264 still missing covers offline [Ticket in]

My own tracks downloaded

Continuing from here :frowning:

So far, in B269 the images are complete in offline mode for me (after scrolling through albums and artists while online, and refreshing the cache). But I had this before and then they disappeared again, so we’ll see.

However, the images are still low-res and small on the album page but switch to good quality in Now Playing, even while offline.

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I’m exactly at the same point. After scrolling through the list I have all graphics but in low quality and/or small size.
Before scrolling most of the covers were empty.

Mine were maybe 30-40% empty before I reloaded them. So far, they are still available after switching to offline repeatedly through the day, but of course still with the low-res problem.

No progress in B274

Same issue with build 272. Cover not there.
Switching to offline immediately show cover.
It should be detected if arc not available and internet is.