ARC Beta | Latest updates not pushed to Play Store

I’ve noticed you released ARC x.149 for some days ago but the update is not being pushed to the Play Store Beta Channel, so the only way to install it is via side loading it (unknown sources). This, in principle, is OK, but for those of us with company devices or company-managed devices is problematic, since the policy is typically to disallow installing from unknown sources, including in the personal profile.

Are you gonna keep requiring to install from unknown sources to be able to access beta software, or will you push it to the app stores at some point?

Perhaps you missed this thread?

B149 is still in review in Play Store

Thanks Geoff, and that would apply to the Google Play Store as well?

Play Store = Google Play Store

Oops, yes, of course. Thanks for the info!

Build has passed the review this morning and should already be out!

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