ARC Beta USB driver no audio output on certain DACs

Roon Core Machine

  • ROCK on a NUC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Phone: Pixel 7 Pro (Android 13, build TQ3A.230805.001)


  • silent on usb driver beta: Topping G5
  • silent on usb driver beta: Schiit Bifrost 2/64
  • (always crashes on usb driver beta: Qudelix 5K)

Number of Tracks in Library

443 tracks

Description of Issue

So, while my Qudelix 5K just crashes with the USB driver beta, with the Topping G5 and the Bifrost 2/64, ARC seems to think it’s outputting fine, but no amount of volume raising (either from ARC’s end or from the physical knobs on both DACs) seem to produce any sound. Both DACs seem to think they’re connected (if indicator LEDs are to be believed), just… no audio. I tried disabling automatic USB auto routing, but this does not seem to have helped. I don’t get any error messages, either, just ARC indicating that the seconds are ticking forward on playback as if it thinks it’s sending audio.

Normal AAudio playback works fine with all DACs, no issues.

Let me know if I there’s anything I can do to help debug this.

Hi @directxman12,

Thank you for the report. You’re encountering a known device-specific limitation that we’re tracking internally with the Qudelix.

Concerning the Topping G5 and the Schiit Bifrost, are you able to specify this information?

  1. whether you had any saved DSP presets in use with these devices
  2. whether you tested them sequentially - disconnected one prior to connecting the other. We ask because there was a former issue concerning inadvertently retained DAC profiles when switching quickly with the USB Driver in use.
  3. Does this occur with all file types and qualities? What about streaming vs. local content?
  4. Lastly, do you have an example track that played back silently under these conditions? We belive we’ve isolated an instance in system logging, but we’d like to confirm.

ok, just tried again with the Bifrost. opened arc fresh (haven’t used usb dacs in a while), disabled usb audio routing in android, enabled usb driver in arc, tried to play something, got a playback error, restarted, and observed the playback-without-sound. Tried 2 different tracks: “Blow” from tidal, and “Baba Yetu” from my library, same thing. Noticed also this time around that the track time playback (seconds elapsed) seems to be going like… 2-3 times as slow as it should (it takes 3 seconds to show 1 second as progressed). The rest of the UI seems fine.

I don’t have any saved profiles, afaik, and muse in arc doesn’t show anything saved either.

gonna try again with the topping g5. Will force close ARC to hopefully avoid the issue mentioned in #2

ok, so with the topping g5 this time, after “force stop”-ing the app in android and relaunching and plugging in the g5, it initially did the silent play thing, but at a normal rate (unlike the bifrost). But! then I relaunched arc a second time and it started working fine (both local and tidal).

to summarize:

I mainly only tested with 44.1/16 content, I can test with some higher quality stuff if you want too.

For the Bifrost:

  1. no
  2. retested non-sequentially
  3. seems to occur with both streaming (TIDAL, “Blow” by Eva Under Fire 44.1/16) and local content (“Baba Yetu” from Calling All Dawns by Christopher Tin, 44.1/16)
  4. see above

additional note: the playback indicator seemed to be indicating that seconds were progressing 3 times slower than they should be

For the G5

  1. no
  2. retested with force close, don’t recall how i tested the first time around
    3 & 4: tested same as above for the bifrost

this one started working after an extra round of closing and re-opening ARC this time, interestingly

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