ARC Bluetooth Album Art

Good evening,

I recently started using Roon ARC as my primary app for listening to my music collection on the go. Once I got through some initial port opening issues it’s been a great experience.

One issue I am having is with the album artwork showing properly on my BMW Connected Drive screen when playing music via Bluetooth. What’s interesting is apps like Apple Music and Tidal are able to show album art through Bluetooth but the ARC app does not appear to pass that information along with the audio. Is this something that could possibly be added in a future enhancement?


Thank you Brandon. I moved this to the Feature Suggestion category for discussion. I believe CarPlay and Android Auto are on the roadmap for a more integrated in-vehicle solution.

this should work already i believe… putting this into support for now


Same with me: BMW Connected Drive screen showing artwork when playing music via Bluetooth with Apple Music and Spotify but not ARC i.e. not an isolated case. Besides artwork (which would be a nice improvement) great experience as well :slight_smile:

I am getting it on Android in Tesla, and I see others are getting it using Carplay on iPhone:

While my BMW has CarPlay I disable it and use the built in Connected Drive system as I prefer it to the CarPlay interface. This is where the album artwork fails to display. I also see the same issue if I use Qobuz directly but Apple Music works fine.

Album artwork comes and goes on my Toyota CHR using BT on an Android 12 phone.

Sometimes as the albums change the artwork will suddenly show artwork and then it will stay for the whole album. Next album starts and no artwork there.

I can’t figure out the logic TBH

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