ARC Build 230 & Roon 2.0 Build 1362 Feedback

I just updated the application on Android.
The “recent activity” section from the home page has disappeared. Is it a bug?

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I was in offline mode when I upgraded to ARC 230. Don’t think that makes any difference but mentioning it in case it does. I’m now in online mode and have refreshed and opened / closed ARC a couple of times.

I have one album showing in Recent Activity in ARC, even if I click More. This same album was already in my queue, and I was part way through playing a track the last time I used it.

Something strange is also happening in the History and play count.
With the new build 1358 it is endlessly duplicating tracks (seems like every time you exit and enter ARC or scroll from top to bottom to refresh).
Here are some screens and a video.


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Proper audio ducking on Android is welcome. I can’t wait to drive around with this later!


Thanks for the thread and feedback guys!

@Daniele_Piancastelli to your feedback:

The “recent activity” section from the home page has disappeared. Is it a bug?

Yes. Just so I know more, do you have recently added or played things?

With the new build 1358 it is endlessly duplicating tracks (seems like every time you exit and enter ARC or scroll from top to bottom to refresh).

This also feels like a bug. Can you narrate more about how/where you were listening when this was happening?

Hi @Daniele_Piancastelli ! Can you, please, confirm that the Server is running new 1362, or it’s 1358?

My recently played was wiped out with the version. Once I played something it started repopulating. So I would say it’s a regression.

@michael @oleh

just to say that by completely uninstalling and reinstalling ARC, it seems that the two problems above have been solved (although I don’t think this can be a solution. Obviously I lost settings and downloads :cry:)

Recent activities have returned to normal, recovering the entire history of tracks played and albums added.
The History section in Roon seems to be back to normal (I’ve tried closing and reopening ARC several times as well as refreshing by swiping from top to bottom)

Going back over what I did, this morning I listened to some tracks from an album while going to work in online mode from my smartphone (I don’t think they had been downloaded via SDL, but I’m not 100% sure), interrupting the playback of a track halfway through (the one visible in the screenshot of recent activity message)

During the working day I listened to music on ARC through the other device (old smartphone that I use almost exclusively in offline mode with downloaded content).

In the afternoon I saw the update of ARC (260) and ROON (1362) and after having made the updates on the two smartphones and on the server, I updated the history with the one listened to offline on the old device and every time I refreshed by scrolling from top to bottom or exiting and upon returning, all 45 songs listened to during the day were added each time.
On the smartphone, however, the duplication problem only occurred with the track that I had left paused halfway through the morning

I switched from Tidal Hi-Fi back to Hi-Fi Plus to give it a try. I had to log out of Tidal and back in to get the MAX option.

I probably should have waited until I get back home. I’m away from home using Verizon cellular data for two more weeks. All good so far.

Also, no problems with recent activity here…

I think with this update, MQA is essentially a thing of the past. So, the question becomes, how long do I want to pay for both Tidal and Qobuz?

EDIT: I’m betting it won’t be long before Qobuz raises their prices.

EDIT: I knew I should have waited until I got home before upgrading to Tidal Hi-Fi Plus. I’m using 2 iPhones and 2 iPads (on throttled data) to stream high resolution Flac files with no skips, etc.

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My recent activity on ARC was also wiped and it’s not in sync with what actually happened on the server.

ARC, the Recently Played section exists on Home (though Recently Added is completely missing) but I didn’t listen to this in ages:

More has only this one album:

Roon, what actually happened in Recently Played (and the Goo album is playing right now)

I don’t have in issue in Roon > History though, this is up to date without duplications and showing the currently playing Goo tracks

I just signed up for free trial of Tidal Hifi Plus. At first only saw Master setting but then realized my iPad doesn’t have early access app. But on iPhone, I do see the Max setting. But even on iPad I could see the Flac labels.

Going to spend next month deciding between Tidal and Qobuz but so far it looks like Tidal still has a lot of MQA only files. Also see new The Smile album as 44/16 Flac vs 44/24 in Qobuz. But that makes no difference in sound quality. It just if a see more real high res stuff in Qobuz that’s not in Tidal. Really comes down to if Tidal fills in those gaps in Qobuz library that’s been an issue since I left Tidal years ago.

Edit: looks like most new releases are Flac. Not as many hires as Qobuz but those still mostly 44/24 so no big deal.

Scroll bars are gone here, from Album/Artist view. Works fine in other areas.

Everything running off my M1 MacBook Pro…

Also on macOS, I have a scroll bar in My Albums and apparently in all other My Library pages but it’s not there in My Artists. Though scroll bars have existed inconsistently in some views/windows and not in others for years since 1.8, so I don’t know what’s what anymore.

My ARC app on iphone is showing recently played. I want recently added back, please!

I have three different Macs that I use as clients to my Windows 11 Roon server. I can’t only get two of them to connect, the third one will always say “Waiting for your Roon Server” and if I try to select a different server, it will tell me that my server is initializing. If I shut down the Roon server (pwoer off) and restart everything in a different order, its always the third client that can not connect to roon. The clients will seem to refresh the screen every couple of seconds when untouched. My ios and ipad devices seem to be uneffected other than when I hit play, nothing seems to play.

Seeing errors like this in the logs.

01/31 17:11:45 Trace: [remoting/brokerserver] [initconn>] Initialized Session because we couldn’t resume
01/31 17:11:45 Trace: [remoting/brokerserver] killing old client from a7400256-a140-4ee4-ba1f-529d4cd0ee7e because we have a new one

I’m interested to know if any fix for the remote lockups that have been reported and acknowledge are going to be addressed in this release or is it still being worked on?

The release notes say…

“Roon has worked closely with TIDAL during integration to ensure parity with their treatment of Max tier content - providing a seamless experience and streaming format consistency across the two platforms.”

… which to me suggests no access to mqa content even if the files are still there because ‘hires’ will take precedence. I’d be disappointed if this is the case - am I missing something? Or just over-interpreting the notes?

Getting some interesting results too - currently listening to an album from Tidal at 192/24 that is shown as 44.1/16 only (no versions tab) and was indeed playing at 44.1/16 yesterday…

Thanks for the reports, everyone. For ARC, we’ve got a fix in for history duplicates and are working on one for the missing recently added/played. :muscle:


I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the clients on the Macs which seems to have cleared up my issues.