ARC / CarPlay randomize my top tracks

Use case: I’m in the car, looking ant ARC in CarPlay, and I just want to randomize my top tracks.

Say the most listened to 1,000 tracks, randomize among them.

If I go to tracks, I can’t do it. Not in CarPlay, nor in the app. I have to enqueue a bunch of tracks manually.

I’m sure you’re working on AI features and all the smartness in the world, but I just want the basics. My most listened to tracks are the ones I love, it doesn’t take an intelligence artificial or otherwise to figure that out.

Not prescribing a solution. One button in car play would be great, ability to make a smart playlist I can easily pull up would be great, lots of potential ways to solve.

And it’s not just top tracks—maybe I want my least listened to albums, or my heart-ed tracks from the 90’s, or all my saved albums from the Folk genre that are files in my library. Simple stuff.

Is there a smart playlist thing? Have I missed it all these years? Happy to be wrong!

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Plus one to this request. I still keep a 256Gb micro SD card in my car full of music for just this purpose. I can choose any folder(s), or the whole thing to put on shuffle.

I know playing from folders will probably never be allowed in Roon, but some other method of easily identifying groups of artists/genres/tracks to set on shuffle seems a strange omission.

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Agree that a simple and quick way to shuffle these tracks would be great. I’ve missed iTunes smart playlists for a long time now. With effectively all the music in the world to choose from, sometimes I want ‘the machine’ to make a choice for me.

Using favorites and focus, it is possible to generate a list of favorite tracks, sort by most played, or least played, or not played in a particular time frame, and generate a playlist. I have a playlist called ‘all favorites’ with about 3000 tracks that is my go-to shuffle playlist on ARC when I don’t know what I want to listen to. It doesn’t auto-update, unfortunately.

But yes, for on-the-go convenience, give us this!

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At least the basics for this (shuffle) have just been added to the beta in Early Release testing

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Shuffle Play

As one of the most frequently requested features in ARC, we know how much shuffle play was needed.
When you carefully sculpt your library, it’s important to simply sit back and “shuffle” your music. Now you can find “Shuffle Play” in the albums and tracks context menu, and in Carplay and Android Auto as well. Just like all other context menu functions, it works alongside filters and tags, so you can whittle down your library to just what you want to hear and shuffle away.