ARC/Core Transfer Weirdness

I was out today listening to music on ARC on my Android phone. When I got back and was still listening, I decided to transfer it to my living room stereo.

The weirdness is that the ROON Remote app on my phone was not showing what was actually playing on ARC, so when I tried to transfer from my phone to the stereo, Roon transferred not what I was listening to, but with the core thought I had been listening to.

You can’t transfer between ARC and the home zones, ARC is not a part of that. The core was simply playing what you had last listened to at home.

However, if you go to Recent Activity on Roon Remote, and look at PLAYED, you’ll see the last album play on ARC listed.

Here’s a #feedback:feature-suggestions request related to this.

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Except when using ARC as an endpoint on the local network. Then you can transfer to it or from it from or to any other endpoint.

Martin, that’s not quite true. The history shows tracks played. It does not preserve anything about the source of the tracks or the queue of which they were a part.

How is that possible? ARC has no means to select or transfer a zone.

What I said is correct. To be more precise, Recently Played provides recent history of releases played on any zone including ARC. Therefore, it is quick and easy to pickup where you left off using Roon Remote.

Note that Roon Radio tracks do not appear here.

The device with the ARC app does not show up as a zone in home remotes, nor does it have a menu to choose or transfer to zones.

It does on my system. See the Pixel 5A endpoint below.

That is not arc that is the standard roon remote

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Correct, and the ARC instance is showing as an endpoint. I can transfer to and from it. That’s all I’m saying. (And that contradicts what @suedkiez said above.)

That is Roon Remote showing as an endpoint. You have always been able to play music to your phone with Roon Remote inside your network.

Martin, respectfully, you’re wrong. I was playing a playlist in ARC. There was no way to resume the playlist from the history.

You are confusing Roon and Roon Remote versus Roon ARC. They are two different things.

Ok, I’m eating crow. Roon Remote is not just a remote, it’s an endpoint too. I mistakenly thought ARC was acting as an endpoint.

Confusing when a “remote” is also an endpoint (and a “server” is, too).

Sorry for sounding so adamant.


Not from history but playlists are available on both arc and core and sync both ways so you can pick up the same playlist at home just start it from the track you where on. Not the same as switching zone but will achieve the same thing.

Given your misunderstanding about Roon ARC and Roon Remote end points, I think it evident that the error is yours. :slightly_smiling_face:


Roon Remote has always been able to act as an endpoint. One that other remotes can send music too ifbthe Private switch is unchecked.

For years Ive used old phones as a quick portable endpoint to feed speakers. For parties etc etc

Going ad hominem, eh? :wink:

I didn’t mean to sound so terse, clearly a bad day on my end.

My point is that you can’t really “pickup” where you left off via the history because it only shows tracks played, not the playlist from which any were playing. So as @CrystalGipsy mentioned above, you’d have to manually go find the playlist and resume.

And just to state it here, I’m really happy with Roon. So much so that I ponied up for a lifetime subscription.


I did say the album played on ARC. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately, Roon Radio and playlists do not show in recently played. So, if you’d like to see this feature, add your vote to the feature request posted above.

However, if you’re partway through an album, it’s simply a matter of clicking on the release, locating the last track you played, and selecting Play from here.