Transfer Roon Arc to a Roon Core Endpoint and vice versa

I can’t take credit for this feature suggestion.
@Kamau_Wanguhu suggested it.

A feature to transfer what’s playing on the Arc app to an endpoint when you return home from inside the Arc app.

Consider upvoting on Roon ARC should be visible as an audio device, which would then enable the existing “transfer queue” feature to work for ARC queues.


And the other way round. This gets my vote

Edit: the other feature request seems more exhaustive. Makes sense to upvote thar

Now that we (or perhaps most of us) have got ARC working this could be a place to start collecting suggestions for the next release.

I have two, one is the previously raised ability to use ARC fully with CarPlay or Android Auto.

The second would be the deeper integration with the non-mobile version of Roon. If I am out in the car using ARC to play an album from my home file storage and arrive back at my house halfway through the album, I would like to have the ability to continue playing it by picking it up on the home system from where it stopped in CarPlay. Not sure if this is possible of course.

Carplay/Android Auto has another request already, and is coming.

your other request is great!

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I also would like to vote for ARC to Roon endpoint transfer. I now use ARC with headphones on my regular walks. On return I’d like to carry on listening on my Hifi via Roon Core from where I left off.

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If you would like to vote, click the vote button at the top of the page. Saying so does nothing :slight_smile:

You know what would be really cool? If, while playing music on my internal network through Roon, I decide to leave the house and it pauses Roon and then automatically picks ups where it left off when I turn on ARC in the car.

This happened the other day. Especially for classical where you’re in the middle of a long movement and you want to keep going and not have to try to find where you were in the movement on ARC

That would be really cool and a request exists here (Danny likes it! :slight_smile: )

And even cooler automatically, but the discussion brought up some obstacles:

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I’m going to transfer your suggestion across to one of the existing threads referred to by @Suedkiez - the votes will carry across as well.