ARC Crashes after playing for +/- 20 seconds

ARC in my iPhone crashes after +/- 20 seconds into a song. Happens both with wifi and over wireless (full coverage). Works perfectly in offline mode. Arc is well configured, shows as “ready” and doesn’t show any problem in the core.
Worked seamlessly until yesterday. As I updated yesterday iOS to 16.4.1 I and OSx in my Mac mini M1 (Roon Core) to Ventura 13.3.1, wonder whether that could be the issue

I’d try deinstalling and reinstalling ARC as first troubleshooting steps

The problem is I would lose my downloads…

The app also crashes and restarts +/- 30 sec after open even when you don’t play music

I has to reinstall, losing my 70gb of downloads :angry: Now it works, but a long work of downloading (again) awaits me

This is still happening with my iPhone 13.

I’m not even usIng downloads… but app uninstall/ reinstall should not be necessary every few weeks!

I’d be pleased to share diagnostics if someone is able to investigate?